Chuck Melber

Chuck Melber

Marketing at Nomad Goods Inc

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1187 Coast Village Road #638, Santa Barbara, California, United States

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Growth and Marketing  - CHARGECARD

Interaction Designer  - PLURAL

Freelance Marketing Consultant  - Chuck Melber

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Chuck Melber, Head of Growth and Marketing at the tech hardware company NOMAD, knows this better than most.
"We were trying everything we could to improve our AdWords performance-software, agencies, testing wild theories, you name it-but nothing seemed to work. We even partnered with Google's in-house AdWords team to optimize our campaigns. We thought that would be the cure-all here, yet it still wasn't. We still weren't hitting our objectives", says Chuck. "We were barely breaking even, let alone our time and effort, and I just didn't have the bandwidth to manage it properly". Unfortunately, this is all too common in the world of AdWords. Even experienced digital markers like Chuck struggle to make sense of all the data. It's not impossible, but like Chuck said, it's incredibly time consuming. After consulting with his team, Chuck was ready to take AdHawk for a spin. "The price was reasonable, the contract was simple and short, and knowing that the founders had real world experience working on the Google AdWords team piqued my interest. In short, it was worth a shot", he says. Following a short 20 minute on-boarding that he could only describe as "extremely simple", Chuck and NOMAD were ready to take full advantage of AdHawk's powerful optimization algorithm. Each day, the AdHawk algorithm monitored NOMAD's AdWords performance data looking for trends that were impacting campaign performance. Once it identified an area to be optimized, Chuck received a optimization tip he could apply to his AdWords campaigns in one click. "Daily tips are easily my favorite AdHawk feature", he says. We were also able to drop our 2015 CPA down by 75% since launching with AdHawk", Chuck added.

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Chuck Melber - CMO - Nomad

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"The Creative Suite has made our lives easier by giving us the tools we need to create dynamic ads on one platform, versus having to use multiple software to create a final product," said Chuck Melber, Marketing Manager for Nomad, a smartwatch and smartphone accessories company based in Santa Barbara, Calif. "Now we feel inspired to experiment more with our creative."

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