Charlie McDonald

Charlie McDonald

Engineer at City of Phoenix

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200 W WASHINGTON ST 9TH FLOOR, Phoenix, Arizona, United States
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(602) 262-4800

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Engineering Supervisor - Bureau of Highways

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Over 40 year ago, Charlie McDonald, an engineer for the City of Phoenix, developed ad time/temperature formula for
mixing scrap tire material and asphalt to develop a material that would make the asphalt behave much like tire rubber. His motivation started earlier when he was with the Bureau of Highways (now FHWA) and traveled extensively in State Parks in California, living in a small trailer with a leaky roof and he needed a flexible material to patch and seal the roof so the rather primitive roadways would not continue to cause cracking. After he joined the City of Phoenix, he continued his experiments, first in his kitchen and later in the engineering laboratory. When he was satisfied he had achieved the right formula, he took the material to the street s where he covered potholes. Application methods were primitive, but the binder he created started a whole new paving industry. Charlie McDonald

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The idea of using ground rubber in hot asphalt was first conceived by Mr. Charles McDonald in the early 1930's.
As Materials Engineer with the City of Phoenix in 1969, Mr. McDonald had the opportunity to experimentally develop his idea for a new paving material. While performing... Read More

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RAC Usage Survey The City of Phoenix Rubberized asphalt was developed in the mid 1960s when Charles McDonald, the Materials Engineer for the City of Phoenix, blended approximately 18 percent crumb ... http://www.rubberizedasph ... g/history/phoenix.htm

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