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Charles W. Howe

Experts and Public Reviewer at The Millennium Assessment

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The Millennium Assessment

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Experts and Public Reviewer - Caudill Website Design & Construction Inc


Massachusetts Agricultural College

doctorateCollege of Wooster


Professor Emeritus of Economics - University of Colorado at Boulder , United States

Professor Emeritus In Economics - Colorado University

Professor Emeritus of Economics and A Member of the Professional Staff - Institute of Behavioral Science at the University of Colorado , Boulder

Committee - Water

Member - Panel

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Millennium Ecosystem Assessment

Charles W. Howe, University of Colorado at Boulder, United States

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Flex Time For Colorado Water

By 2009, municipal purchasers had bought water for more than 102,000 irrigated acres in the Arkansas Basin and more than 150,000 acre-feet of water was detached from the land, according to University of Colorado economist Chuck Howe.
Not all purchased water has been taken off the land though.

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Pricing the Priceless

Charles Howe, professor emeritus in the Department of Economics, Institute of Behavioral Science at the University of Colorado, Boulder, has written several articles and books on pricing water and how it might influence consumer behavior.
"We don't charge enough for our urban water really, because a typical water utility being publicly owned, simply does not charge the customer for the value of the raw water that they're treating and then providing to the customer. He recently co-authored an (unpublished) report on water utilities not listing the value of the water rights as part of the assets on which they can earn a return. Some water providers like Boulder and Denver own senior water rights worth millions of dollars. Listen to this extended interview with Howe for more.

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