Charity Shelbourne

Charity Shelbourne

Senior Premier Field Engineer and Senior Dedicated Support Engineer at Microsoft Corporation

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ONE MICROSOFT WAY, Redmond, Washington, United States
HQ Phone:
(425) 882-8080

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Charity Shelbourne, a Senior Premier Field Engineer with Microsoft, wrote a great piece on Active Directory-Based Activation vs.
Key Management Services.  It discusses and links to articles on setting up and managing a KMS Server, as well as takes you through installing and configuring the Volume Activation Services role in Windows Server 2012, and managing all of the components of same.  You can check out that article on the Ask Premier Field Engineer (PFE) Bloghere.  I was going to do a similar write-up, but when she has done such a great job I decided it was better to just point to hers.  Now go forth and get your Licensed Product Keys Activated!

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