Catherine Ulrich

last updated 1/5/2018

Catherine Ulrich

Chief Product Officer at Cleverism

401-403 D St, Boston, Massachusetts, United States

General Information


Chief Product Officer - Shutterstock , Inc.

Chief Product Officer - Weight Watchers International Inc

Managing Director - FirstMark Capital LLC

Editor-In-Chief - Prevention First , Inc.

Member, Executive Management Team.  - MediaBrains Inc.

Senior Vice President, Product Strategy and Development - VP, Product Strategy and


B.A. - engineering , Harvard University

BA - Engineering Sciences , Harvard School of Public Health

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Shutterstock | Jobs, Benefits, Business Model, Founding Story

Catherine Ulrich,
Chief Product Officer info: Catherine earned a B.A. in Engineering Sciences at Harvard University. She previously served as the Chief Product Officer of Weight Watchers. She leads Shutterstock's product strategy and innovation roadmap.

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Four Questions These VCs Ask Before Every Tough Conversation

It's normal to want to avoid having to deliver a painful message, but Catherine Ulrich, managing director at FirstMark Capital, prefers to flip that negative-and make it unbearable to not share the tough news: "For example, when meeting with a company, if I don't share the risks I see, then I am not giving them a change to respond, and I am also not giving them the best chance of success," Ulrich points out.
This can come in handy for managers, too. Whenever you're nervous about hurting feelings, consider the damage you might be doing (or the responsibilities you're shirking) by not speaking up. "If I don't tell an employee the areas where they are falling short," Ulrich says, "then I am not giving them an opportunity to improve, keep their job, and grow as an individual."

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MotionX® | MotionX News » 3 lessons from serial innovators

"Paranoia is good," Catherine Ulrich, chief product officer at Shutterstock, told the BBC.

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