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Art Teacher  - Harmar Mobility

Art Teacher  - Harmar Elementary School

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"It's a sad thing to be taking the mural down today," said Carol Garoza, art teacher at Harmar Elementary."I can't imagine how it will be driving to work everyday and not seeing it.It has always brought a smile to my face."Placed on the four outside walls of a pumphouse on the river bank, the bright, 30-panel mural was painted by students over a 29-month span from December 1993 to April 1996.Painted on the panels were the children's interpretations of stories and events of Marietta's history, Garoza said.Even after restoration, the mural will need a new location, Garoza said.

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The goal of the event is to have all those types of art, and more, on display, said Carol Garoza, art teacher at Harmar and Washington elementaries.
"This is to give our kids a platform and to show what arts can do, spanning all the grades," she said.

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And for the 19th year, Harmar Elementary art teacher Carol Garoza said she's seen something new being created with vanilla wafers, gum and squares of chocolate.
"They're always different every single time," she said. The students' ability to work with others plays a part in how they're selected to be part of the annual gingerbread project, said Garoza. The students are chosen by a school committee based on past strength in teamwork. "Being good in art isn't enough to get you in here," she said. Once selected, the students learn about the history of gingerbread houses and about having a career as a chef before starting the blueprint for their house. "It's a whole learning experience for them," said Garoza.

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