Carlos Borroto

last updated 2/2/2018

Carlos G. Borroto

Director of Technology at GenePeeks , Inc.

175 Varick Street, New York City, New York, United States

General Information


Chairman - Havana Biotechnology Conference

Bioinformatics Analyst - BioReliance Corporation





Advisory Board Member - BioMed Central Ltd

Recent News  

News in February 2009

"Cuban rules are very strict --- but in Cuba there is a political will for employing the technology," explains Carlos Borroto, deputy director of the state-run center, and head of the Cuban National Program of Agricultural Biotechnology.
The FR-Bt1, whose technical details cannot be revealed due to confidentiality clauses in the registration process, is aimed at animal feed and will be used exclusively in Cuba.

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Carlos Borroto Nordelo, Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Cuba

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News in December 2008

Regulators are expected to approve this initial crop of biotech corn, which would provide enough seed to expand to 14,830 acres next year, said Carlos Borroto, deputy director of state-run Institute for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology.
Borroto said biotech corn similar to the Cuban type had already passed strict controls in Japan, Canada and Europe. Cuban laboratories are also in the development stages of producing genetically modified soy, potatoes and tomatoes. CUBA SET TO EMBRACE BIOTECH Genetically modified plants may soon take roots in Cuba, according to Institute for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Director Carlos Borroto.

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