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Bruce B. Williams

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Human Resources Manager  - University of Chicago Hospitals


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Research Associate  - Oriental Institute

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This is from a document I wrote as part of a museum education project on Nubia some years ago; much of the information is based upon online articles on Nubia, one written by Peter Piccione in the 1990's (which is no longer online), another online article by Bruce Williams of the University of Chicago, and from information found in this work:

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Dr. Bruce Williams, a research associate of the Oriental Institute, University of Chicago, announced the discovery of a black kingdom, known as Ta-Seti, at a place called Qustul, which preceded the first Dynasty in Egypt by twelve generations.A dozen black kings reigned at Ta-Seti and all the major religious and political symbols of a later Egypt were found in this Kingdom.Besides that these royal blacks had carvings and valuable possessions that dated back to 3,300 B.C, it was also discovered there was inscriptions in the tombs of Qustul.The writings were the earliest in the hieroglyphic system that had a influential effect upon some European writing systems. Since the rise of worldwide Western European supremacy, it has been argued that Africans, due to a strong oral tradition, failed to invent writing.As a result, opposition to Afrocentrism has been the unfounded belief that only Egypt had writing in Africa.

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In 1980, Prof Bruce Williams, the director of the University of Chicago,s Oriental Institute, published the results of excavations that his team started in the Nubian city of Qustul in 1962.The New York Times broke the story on 1 March 1979, carrying an article on its front page [headlined] Nubian Monarchy Called Oldest.,The evidence recovered suggested that a dynasty of 12 pharaohs ruled over Ta-Seti, about 300 years before the First Dynasty of Ancient Egypt was established.From the royal tombs, five styles of pottery were found, showing different designs...Dr Williams also found examples of early hieroglyphic writing on some of the pottery, the oldest known evidence of a writing system anywhere in the world.,

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