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Brian Bartlow, a Lake County native and former Ukiah paramedic, has spent numerous years road racing motorcycles and after an accident in 1999 has been working his way back into the racing scene. Bartlow began his racing career in 1990, on a Kawasaki 250cc Ninja, racing in the American Federation of Motorcycles.He has also raced in other associations such as the American Motorcycle Association and the Central Championship Series throughout his years on the track. Bartlow has had experience riding several types of bikes, including the Honda CBR 600cc F3 and a Yamaha Verago V-Twin, a homemade compilation of several types of bikes they used to call Goliath.After experimenting, Bartlow has settled down, finding a motorcycle that he feels comfortable riding, two Italian made Grand Prix bikes, Aprilia 250cc G.P. Bartlow not only races motorcycles, he is also a flight medic.He began his career in Nice and has since worked for the Kelseyville Fire Department, Redwood Empire Life Support and Ukiah Ambulance. Now working out of Fresno, Bartlow works with a team of three the helicopter pilot, a nurse and himself, the paramedic. When it comes to flying around the racetrack turns at speeds of some 130 mph he said he has no fear."I actually get more scared in a helicopter than I do racing," he said."I have had crashes at 130 mph and you get right back up." When Bartlow began his racing career more than 13 years ago, he was recognized with the Novice of the Year Award in his rookie season.Since then he has received many first, second and third place trophies as well as conquered several of the classes in which he has raced. Bartlow has had a lot of luck in his racing, but with the good there comes difficulties as well. Bartlow had a crash mid-season in 1999 and was forced to take a break from the sport he loved so much.Leading the points race at the time of the accident, Bartlow was unable to return to action during the '99 season but was doing everything in his power to prepare himself for an eventual return to the races. "I really had no major injuries," the motorcycle-racing paramedic said."I broke my right wrist and had some muscle damage to my left femur.It was able to put me out of racing." Having recovered from his misfortune, Bartlow was anxious to return to the races.He was able to find a sponsor, "by accident really," he said, which would benefit him and his future abilities, enabling him to make his way back into the sport. He "did a ride along," Bartlow said of the "motorcycle lawyer."Bartlow was picked up by Sawl and Netzer, a law firm in the Fresno area."I couldn't distinguish between the idea of whether I had won the lottery and my sponsorship," Bartlow said of his experience with Sawl and Netzer.Since Bartlow has been backed by Sawl & Netzer, along with his other sponsors, he has been able to return to his dream of racing motorcycles. While making his comeback in the middle of the 2002 season, he started last in the points race and was able to finish 11th overall.Bartlow was able to accomplish all of this though he missed the first five races and only competed in the last four of the season. Since Bartlow was gone from the racing scene for so long he said he felt he had to "make up for lost time," though many feel he has returned near where he left off. "Brian has proved this year that he can move up in the ranks very quickly, managing to finish in the top 10 every race and top five in a few of the races this season," reads, a Web site devoted to motorcycle road racing."Next race season, Brian has mentioned he may try to race the 600 class again." With Bartlow making his comeback, Sawl & Netzer decided to try something different with him racing in the Central Championship Series, something they had not been involved with until now. Bartlow went to Southern California to ride the Streets of Willow race track in the desert town of Rosamond.He entered himself into seven races for the weekend and again started last in points.After the long weekend of racing was over, Bartlow walked away with seven trophies four for first place, two for second place and one for fourth place.Out of 208 entries, he placed 41st in points overall, having only competed in one of 12 race weekends. Bartlow said that with all the hard work, frustration and competition, the Sawl & Netzer Team manages to continuously support and have fun with motorcycle road racing.Having participated in the sport competitively for many years, Bartlow said he expects to have many more in the future. None of this would be possible without all of those who have helped him along the way, he said, including Sawl & Netzer, Pirelli Tires, Galfer Brakes, and each of the sponsors "who have been so supportive."He also said his crew members had a huge impact on his abilities and accomplishments. RETURN TO TOP Babies> > © 1999-2001 MediaNews Group, Inc.

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