Brett Sutherland

last updated 3/22/2018

Brett Sutherland

Global Lead-Product Strategy at Nufarm Limited

103-105 Pipe Road, Laverton, Victoria, Australia
HQ Phone:
+61 3 9282 1000

General Information


Global Lead - Product Strategy - Nufarm Finance (NZ) Limited

Global Lead - Product Strategy - Monsanto Company

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Nufarm GIS Release - Nufarm US

We hope to add to the buzz with our products and in-booth contest," said Brett Sutherland, Nufarm's U.S. director marketing and business development.MalletÔ and Razor BurnÔ are established products with loyal support, so I think anyone visiting our booth will find a product for their situation," Sutherland said.

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Kaiso Press Release - Nufarm US

"We are excited about offering the growers a new technology for insect control", says Brett Sutherland, Nufarm's Director of Marketing.

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GIE Press Release - Nufarm US

Any time you bring a new product to market, there is a certain level of anticipation and excitement that surrounds it," said Brett Sutherland, U.S. director of marketing and business development for Nufarm.
"Our excitement level is naturally raised with the introduction of three new herbicide products: DynamoÔ, QuinceptÔ and SpoilerÔ. They are unique in their own right and they give us an opportunity to fill a niche with our customers and distributors. Dynamo should help us in the pre-emergent market, while Quincept and Spoiler will draw attention on the post-emergent side. With a time-tested insecticide product like Mallet still going strong, and a rather new product like ProDeuce being received as well as it did, we think booth visitors will find a product for nearly any situation," Sutherland said.

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