Bob Velke

Bob Velke

Owner at Wholly Genes , Inc.

5144 Flowertuft Court, Columbia, Maryland, United States
HQ Phone:
(410) 715-2260
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last updated 12/3/2017

General Information


B.A.  - Criminology , University of Maryland

Master Genealogist  - George mason University


Board Member  - National Genealogical Society

Board Member  - National Genealogy Society

Board Member  - GENTECH , Inc.

Board Member  - Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter

Board Member  - Genealogy Inc

Founder  - Archives

Member  - Association of Professional Genealogists

Recent News  

by Wholly Genes, Inc. (Bob Velke)
One time Bob Velke, the creator, called me at home to help with an issue!. I pray for good health for Bob Velke, and I dread the day when MS releases an OS that won't run Visual FoxPro, because that will be the beginning of a bad time for me and my hobby. Bob Velke, take note. The only way forward for TMG is for Velke to rewrite it from scratch in something with forward momentum (MySQL, anyone?). And I suspect Velke would rather go down with his ship than do that.

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You will not be violating your TMG license; Bob Velke of Wholly Genes Software has given his approval of this use.

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