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Bob Ost

Executive Director of Theater Resources Unlimited and TRU Literary Manager Cate Cammarata at Theater Resources Unlimited

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309 W 104TH ST APT 1D, New York City, New York, United States
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University of Pennsylvania


Member Writer - WorkShop Theater Company

Member - Dramatists Guild

Member - American Society of Composers , Authors and Publishers

Copy Director - Revlon Inc

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Musical Writerzine Number 11 - Ezine for Musical Writers and Producers

"There really is no answer to that," admits Bob Ost, the Founder and Executive Director of Theater Resources Unlimited.
Nevertheless, Ost and a panel of experts will gather on Saturday, January 23, for a one-day, all-day "boot camp" titled Raising Money for Theater: How, Who and When to Ask. TRU was founded by Ost and fellow writers Cheryl Davis and Gary Hughes in 1992. "I had no intention of starting an organization of this sort," Ost insists. So, Ost made it his job to reach out to independent producers and the heads of theater companies. "Much to my dismay, I learned that they were having their own problems," he recalls. That's when Ost decided to gather the people he'd met at his apartment, in the hope that they could find ways of helping one another. "Thirty showed up," says Ost. ); and Bob Ost. Bob Ost began his involvement in the musical theater while growing up in Philadelphia. "I wrote my first play when I was 14," he says. "It was produced at my high school and taught in the English classes. So, I was a minor celebrity. At the same time Ost was teaching himself about music by plunking away on a neighbor's piano. Eventually he began to experiment with his own compositions. The two worlds came together when Ost attended the University of Pennsylvania, where he continued to write and compose, despite being discouraged by the faculty from attempting the latter. Ost recalls. "I listened to a lot of Prokofiev and Stravinsky and dissonance was just a part of my musical sensibility." Elaine Stritch and Bob Ost at TRU event - fundraising for new musicals activities [Photo: Elaine Stritch with Bob Ost at the 2007 TRU Love Benefit at Sardi's] Ost kept that experience very much in mind when he started TRU. "I thought, if I can self-produce, anybody can," he says. "She's an amazing speaker - so smart and articulate," Ost enthuses. "You pitch each producer for 2 minute; I blow a whistle; and then the producer responds with questions for 2 minutes; I blow a whistle; and then you move to the next producer," Ost explains. If you are considering self-producing your work, Bob Ost suggests that you think about the following: 1. Be clear about your goal in self-producing. Make sure that it is realistic. "What are you trying to achieve? Ost says to ask yourself. "I hear it all the time," Ost explains. "People come to me and say, 'Oh, my god, this cost me so much more than I thought it would!' Talk to people and find out what things really cost." 3. Understand your product. "Align yourself with people who are honest with you about who your audience is and about what the strengths and weaknesses are of the piece," Ost emphasizes.

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Bob Ost, executive director of Theater Resources Unlimited, and TRU Literary Manager Cate Cammarata will facilitate.

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Bob Ost
Executive Director, President, Co-founder

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