Bill Takeshita

last updated 11/25/2017

Bill Takeshita

Host at CCLVI

1239 North American Beauty Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

General Information


Vision Development , American Academy of Optometry

Vision Development , College of Optometrists

Bachelor's Degree - Visual Science , Southern California College of Optometry

doctorateSouthern California College of Optometry


Board Member - Institute for Families

Scientific Advisory Board Member - Irlen Institute

Board Member - Five Vision Network

Board Member - Therapeutic

President and Founder - Dr. Bill Foundation

CLINICAL ADVISORY BOARD Member - Braille Institute

Board Member - Junior Blind

Fellow - The College of Optometrists

Fellow - American Academy of Optometry

Guest Faculty Member - CSU Inc

Member of Board of Advisors - Sports Experience

Recent News

One year ago Dr. Bill Takeshita, CCLVI life member, longtime advocate and host of CCLVI's monthly "Let's Talk Low Vision" teleconference series, approached me with an idea to create a thoughtful modern resource booklet on the topic of low vision.
Tuesday brought a particularly enlightening presentation from CCLVI's very own Dr. Bill Takeshita, who is the Director of Optometric Services at the Center for the Partially Sighted, in Los Angeles, California. He enthralled a packed room with the topic "Medical Developments and Technology for People with Low Vision. "Let's Talk Low Vision" Teleconferences for this Fall Here are the topics for the "Let's Talk Low Vision" Teleconfer- ences with Dr. Bill Takeshita for this fall. For more information visit Optic Nerve Hypoplasia and Stem Cell Research, A Teleconference Featuring Dr. Mark Borchert Summarized by Matt Kickbush This summary is from the Braille Institute's Monthly Telephone Lecture Series from June 14th, 2011, which is hosted by Dr. Bill Takeshita. Summarized by Matt Kickbush This summary is from a Let's Talk Low Vision Teleconference with Dr. Bill Takeshita on June 22, 2011.

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11:00 Exhibit Hall Highlights for People with Low Vision 4:00 CCLVI's Mixer 10:00 Welcome to Phoenix Dance Monday, July 12 1:30 Dr. Bill Takeshita, host of CCLVI's Teleconference calls about low vision 3:00 Project Insight Workshop 8:00 Game Night Tuesday, July, 13 1:30 Travel Destinations That Work for People with Low Vision 2:45 CCLVI's Annual Meeting 3:45 Post Convention Board Meeting Friday, July 16 10:00 Farewell Dance Summary of CCLVI Board Meeting January 22, 2010 Catherine Schmidt Whitaker, chair of the Scholarship Committee, reported that applications for the Fred Scheigert Scholarship are being received and the committee is working well.
Dr. Bill Takeshita, Director of Optometric Services at the Center for the Partially Sighted in Los Angeles, gives a short presentation on a topic concerning low vision. Past topics have included "Social Interaction and Low Vision," "Eye Symptoms to Be Aware of If You Have Low Vision," "Filters," "iPhones and Cell Phones.

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