Bill Rouchell

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President - Maison Orleans B&B

Owner - Maison Orleans B&B



Plus Board Members - Maison Orleans B&B

Secretary - Champs Foundation

Recent News

Current president Bill Rouchell, operator of Maison Orleans B&B, will continue his leadership role as board president for another year, with Kathleen Franzen (first vice president), Judy Wood (treasurer), and Brad Johnson (Law Offices of Bradford P. Johnson) also maintaining their positions for an extended year.
Rouchell spent a moment thanking various businesses and individuals that were helpful to CHAMPS and to the Hill's business community during the past 12 months.

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The effort, started by CHAMPS (Capitol Hill Merchant's and Professional Association) and led by National Capital Bank's President, George Didden, Don Denton of Coldwell Banker Pardoe, and local business people like Kathleen Franzen and Bill Rouchell, along with a dozen or so business and municipal leaders, was supported by $30,000 in contributed seed money.
The new officers elected were: Bill Rouchell, President, Maison Orleans B&B Kathleen Franzen, 1st Vice President, Woman Friday LLC Kathleen Milanich, 2nd Vice President, Burnham Communications Judy Wood, Treasurer, Art Works Brad Johnson, Esq., Secretary, Goodman & Johnson The new board members are: Jane Osborne, Change by Choice Susan Perry, Consultant Danielle Burness, Merrill Lynch Welcome Inspector Williams In Charge of First District Substation at 5th and E Streets, SE Keith Williams, 38, a 13-year MPDC veteran, has been promoted to the rank of Inspector in charge of the First District Substation (1D-1), located at 5th and E Streets, SE.

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In come new President Bruce Robey, part owner of Voice of the Hill; plus board members Bill Rouchell of Maison Orleans, the B&B; Kathleen Milanich of Burnham Communications; Kathleen Franzen of Woman Friday; and Judy Wood, of Art Works. ...

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