Bill Roach

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Association President  - International Longshoreman

President  - International Longshoreman's Association

Union President  - International Longshoreman's Association

President of the Local Chapter  - International Longshoremen's Association

President  - Local Longshoreman Association

Association President  - Longshoreman

Association President  - Longshoremen


part-time harbor master  - 

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State Police should be assigned to investigate a shooting of the Rye home of International Longshoreman's Association President Bill Roach, said Portsmouth City Councilor and State Rep.

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Left:A car parked at Longshoreman's Association President Bill Roach's home in Rye was hit by bullets early Friday morning.His home was also struck.Right: A facsimile of a tombstone, containing the letters R.I.P. along with Bill Roach's initials, was recently left at the state port where Roach works.Courtesy photoPORTSMOUTH - A week before International Longshoreman's Association president Bill Roach's home and car were sprayed with six bullets, a facsimile of a tombstone with his initials on it was left at his place of business - the state-owned port.Fifteen months prior to the August 24 shooting at his Rye home, Roach told the state Attorney General's office that Port Director Geno Marconi claimed to know a sniper he'd asked to "assassinate" Port critics.By now I'm sure your aware of the drive by shooting that took place in Rye, at port employee Bill Roach's home."Mr. Roach stated that he considered Mr. Marconi's statement to be serious," according to the AG's report."Mr.Roach stated that he did not report this matter to the police and that he did not come forward sooner because he feared retaliation from Mr. Marconi."Roach publicly urged Governor John Lynch not to reappoint Marconi to his job managing the Port, while pointing out numerous perceived shortcomings, including Marconi's use of racist and sexist language.Roach also published racist, homophobic and sophomoric emails sent from Port Authority computers to state- and city-owned computers used by Marconi, Shattuck, Cumings and McQuate at their jobs.Roach also alleged Marconi and other PDA employees used public vehicles for personal business, dropped private moorings using public forklifts, stored private boats on public property and accepted gifts of fish, fowl and liquor.

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PORTSMOUTH - Police on Wednesday expect to arrest the person who left a facsimile of a tombstone, bearing the initials of local International Longshoreman's Association President Bill Roach, at the state-owned Port on Aug. 17.The police captain said the suspect will be released on personal-recognizance bail and issued an order to have no contact with Roach.

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