Bill Huennekens

Bill Huennekens

HAVA Project Manager at King County

General Information


Elections Superintendent - King County

Elections Supervisor - King County

Senior Assistant Elections Director - State John Pearson

Coordinator - Grange


King County Superintendent - Elections

Secretary - Elections

Secretary - State John Pearson

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King County names 99 felons who voted illegally

King County Elections Superintendent Bill Huennekens said several explanations could apply to the presence of felons' names on the voter rolls, which election officials check for matches when they receive notifications of convictions from the courts: If the felon registers to vote after he is convicted, his name won't be flagged.But to sign up to vote then, the felon would have to declare falsely on the registration form that he has not lost his voting rights because of a conviction. If the name provided by the courts is not a close match with a name on the voter rolls, the felon may not be dropped from the register. If the felon falsely told court officials he lived in another county, his name might not be submitted for revocation.

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"These are not indications of fraud," said Bill Huennekens, King County's elections supervisor.Huennekens disputed that election workers would say such a thing.• Party observers often couldn't see much of what election workers were doing and weren't told in advance that county elections superintendent Bill Huennekens was going to go through absentee ballots to look for wrongfully rejected ballots.

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In response to our concerns, acting Superintendent of Elections [#] Bill Huennekens continued to bob and weave.The response to my open records requests was essentially "we're still studying that".He even attended our presentation last week to refute us (me). (Before he responded to my open records request, I might add.)During the CEOC meeting May 9th, Bill Huennekens was trying to deflect some very persistent questions about the interaction between these systems.

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