Bhavesh Shah

last updated 11/28/2017

Bhavesh B. Shah

Database Administrator at UMass Boston

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Database Administrator - Institute for Community Inclusion



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Bhavesh B. Shah, MD
University of Massachusetts College of Medicine Citation: Shah, BB & Wong, J. & Bhattabcharya, K. (Sep 16 2010).

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Bhavesh B. Shah, MD : 16 Sep 2010
Our patient is a 31 year-old woman with Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome, a history of GI bleeding and multiple abdominal surgeries who had a video capsule endoscopy for surveillance of her small bowel. At two hours and 13 minutes into her study, video capsule endoscopy revealed a large pedunculated polyp, seen here in the distal small bowel; this was located most likely in the jejunum. Because of t.... view more....

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