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Anil Kumar's Sai Pearls of Wisdom - 3 - November 6, 2002

During the two previous sessions we completed all of the September conversations that Bhagavan had with the students and the teachers on the verandah at Prashanthi Nilayam.Bhagavan said, "By 5 o'clock in the morning, we would complete our bath and return during this season." And then Bhagavan said, "Weekends we would go to a place and we would sit under the trees.Bhagavan said His grandfather Kondama Raju used to do this. "Oh Swami, very interesting.So, Bhagavan started devotional songs during that time. For Me, All Are One Then Bhagavan also recalled a visit to the house of an untouchable.That was the situation in those days; but this lady followed Bhagavan anyway. And Swami said to her, "Don't do that.That was the level of honesty and integrity in villages in those days, Bhagavan told us. Bhagavan was happy. We were all really wonderstruck when Bhagavan said that. Bhagavan just came out and stood there in front of us and said, "Look here, Anil Kumar.Bhagavan materialized vibhutthi for that boy, and the doctor applied the vibhutthi.Bhagavan Baba, the Doctor of doctors, not only diagnoses the diseases, but He gives the prescriptions too.That's what happened on the 3rd of November. Bhagavan said, "The weather and the climate are like Kodaikanal.You'll enjoy the whole of Puttaparthi and Prashanthi Nilayam as if it is air-conditioned."(Laughter) And then some boys said, "Swami, we want to recite Vedam." Baba said, "Ah, wait." On the same day of October 29th Baba said, "In Veda chanting, there are two portions.Baba immediately replied, "Both are there in Veda so that those people who have desires will recite Chamakam and those people who have no desires will recite Namakam.That's all.The Vedas give provisions for both these types of people, for both categories of people." Further Bhagavan also said, "Look here, those ancient sages did penance for a long time and they said, 'Vedaha Vedam Purusham Mahantam Aditya Vurnam Thamasah Parasthath.' This is a quotation from Veda.Then Bhagavan said, "And saints declared that God is everywhere, inside and also outside. ‘Anthar Bahirscha Thathsarvam'. ‘Antha' means ‘inside'. ‘Bahirscha' means ‘outside'. ‘Thathsarvam' means ‘Divinity is present everywhere'. ‘Vyapya' means ‘spread'. ‘Narayana Sthitha' means ‘God is installed everywhere, inside and outside.'" That's what Bhagavan said, explaining Veda that day. TREAT HER IMMEDIATELYNow I pass on to the 22nd of October.That evening Swami asked one boy to speak.That boy did his MSc. in Bio-Science and he also completed his MBA.He is an outstanding student.Now he is serving as Technical Officer in the Super-Specialty Hospital.Swami asked him to speak.He talked about two miracles that were very interesting. It seems one day a father came to the hospital with his daughter.The doctors examined the girl and said she should be operated on because of a heart problem.The doctors reported this matter to Bhagavan, "Swami, the father said that he cannot afford 200 rupees per month.Bhagavan asked two boys to speak on that day.Charcoal is useless stuff; but in the hands of Bhagavan, we are transformed into priceless, most precious diamonds.Thanks to Swami." Then he made mention of another point, "Look here, you must have noticed that all the school children speak fearlessly.Because of their innocence, they have total Love for Bhagavan.Bhagavan was talking to the professors on the veranda.As you know, usually the boys will perform a drama on the 22nd of November, which is the Convocation Day for Sathya Sai University.Every year they stage a drama. On October 19th, in a most casual manner Baba asked, "Mmm, what drama are you getting ready?" Then Bhagavan said, "There is nothing great in killing people.Bhagavan was explaining this. Then immediately I said, "Swami, wasn't it wrong on Kunti's part not to tell the truth -- that Karna was her son, her eldest son?Was it proper of her to hide it like that?" Bhagavan is really supreme.He will never humiliate any character.He will make every character sublime. He said, "No, no, you are mistaken.According to Bhagavan, Bheeshmacharya was a real professor or acharya because he practiced what he preached, whereas the other man, Dronacharya, was only a professor by title because he did not practice what he preached.This was a first time revelation from Bhagavan. The Parents of Rama and SitaThen, on that same day, the 18th of October, He made a reference to the Ramayana.He spoke about Parasurama.Parasurama was trying to kill all the Kshatriyas (warrior caste).He had taken a vow to kill all the Kshatriyas.He killed all except for two, Dasaratha and Janaka.Baba replied, "Someone who is performing a yagna should not be killed.Then Bhagavan immediately said, "Go to the root cause of action.Baba said, "To transcend the mind and go beyond the mind, know the mind and what it is." This is an indication that Bhagavan is a Mother to us all. I Suffer On Your BehalfHere is another ‘Pearl of Wisdom' that was shared on the 9th of October.What was it?Bhagavan takes upon Himself the sicknesses of others.What happens when He does that?Will He suffer?Why should He accept sickness? This is an example of how Baba takes upon Himself the sufferings of people and gives them total relief. Before I conclude, here is another story. Yesterday Bhagavan came out and said, "Have you seen those two doctors?" "Swami I did not see them because the doctors went into the interview room and came out, and I sit over on the steps, as You know.So how can I see them?Impossible!Swami, I did not see them." Baba said, "Those doctors are from Germany.Both husband and wife are heart specialists.They are top doctors who have performed several heart transplants.They are heart transplant experts, and they have been invited by the Government of Australia to go there and serve." Before leaving for Australia, they wanted to have the Darshan of Baba and visit His Hospital.They knew about Baba and had heard of the work done in the Super Speciality Hospital.So, having heard about Swami, they wanted to come here, study and then go to Australia with His Inspiration and Divine Blessings.

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My experiences with Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

My experiences with Bhagavan BabaAfter reading a few pages, I told Govind that I found the book interesting and I wanted to know more about Bhagavan Baba.That same night, my wife had a dream of Bhagavan Baba who asked her to come to Puttaparthi.She was intrigued and made all arrangments to go.On the day she left home, all the lights of our house suddenly went on.This small piece of paper is not enough to write about the glory of Bhagavan.When I reached Mumbai, I saw a newspaper report that Bhagavan Baba was arriving in Mumbai that day at 5.00 p.m. by a special plane from Goa.At 9 p.m. a messenger from Bhagavan told me that Swami would see me the next day at 9 a.m., and that I should go home.That very night, Bhagavan came in my wife's dream and manifested Vibhuti which He rubbed onto her arm.He told here, "You will be all right from tomorrow."When we got up the next morning, she told me about the dream and reported that her arm was completely healed and without any pain.I did not believe this and asked her to use the vacuum cleaner to show me that she could use her arm normally without any pain.So she did.Now it is 30 years since that incident and her injured arm continues to be stronger that the other one.After experiencing Swami's Divinity in the last 30 years, I have come to realise that Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is the embodiment of all gods - Lord Vishnu, Lord Siva, Lord Ganesha and Lord Rama.If the Bhakta has dedicated his all, body, mind and existence, to the Lord, He will Himself look after everything, for He will always be with him.

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