Bev Gray

Bev Gray

Chief Executive Officer + President at Exhibit Edge Inc.

4315-A Walney Road, Chantilly, Virginia, United States
HQ Phone:
(703) 230-0000
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last updated 11/28/2017

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Full Time Homemaker  - Full Time Homemaker


University of Maryland


Regional Partner  - Women's Business Enterprise National Council

Computer Programming  - MCI Inc.

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Bev Gray, Exhibit Edge, Inc.

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President and CEO Exhibit Edge Inc.

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Bev Gray
President and CEO Exhibit Edge Inc. Bev Gray's path to heading a highly successful, multi-million dollar business is true to her philosophy that patience and persistence are sometimes overlooked attributes in the corporate world, and that timing is everything. She was first introduced to the world of trade exhibitions back in 1979. But while she did put her Computer Science degree to good use working at MCI, she did not begin her own business until 1992, after having a period at home as a full-time mother to her two children. She launched Exhibit Edge, with the Federal Aviation Administration as its first client. Since then, she has driven her company along a path of constant growth that has been recognized by countless awards. Over the company's 20-year history, more than 7,000 exhibition jobs and product sales have been carried out for hundreds of customers, in all industries. Within the last year, through the same distinguished patience and persistence, Exhibit Edge has picked up its biggest corporate client. "This particular client took us two and half years to nurture, and you just have to wait until they're ready to buy," Bev says. She believes that WBENC certification and being active in the organization also plays a significant role in client acquisition. "We met several of our larger clients at the WBENC conference. You just keep in contact with them, [and] be patient; it doesn't happen overnight." At conferences, Bev went around and targeted 5 or 6 exhibitors, including one of the larger corporations. Exhibit Edge was present at every trade show event, and notice was taken. When the corporation's old contract expired, Bev was invited to submit a proposal, which ultimately won the job. In the highly competitive exhibition industry, Bev has introduced a novel approach to developing a following for her company. Lighter weights, easier to set up and to tear down, saves our customers' money, so we are looking out for their best interest," Bev explains. Her advice to new women entrepreneurs is disarmingly frank: seek help. Bev stresses "go get help in the things that you're not naturally good at, so then you can concentrate on your unique talents. That's what is going to make your business grow...I tried to do everything on my own and I set back my company probably five, maybe even ten years." Bev also says that as her business has matured, her motivation has also changed.

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