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Founders  - Mountain Park Survivors


received three-year diplomas  - theology , 

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Each attended either Mountain Park, which opened in Missouri in 1987, or Bethesda Home for Girls and Redemption Ranch for Boys, which were operated by Mountain Park founders Bob and Betty Wills from the early 1970s to 1987 in Hattiesburg, Miss.

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Bob and Betty Wills, the people that founded Mountain Park in 1986, were run out of Mississippi back in the mid 80s when Mountain Park's predecessor, the Bethesda Home for Girls, was shut down amid allegations of child abuse.Mr and Mrs. Wills are themselves graduates of Tennessee Temple University, with three year degrees in theology.Mr. Wills calls himself "Doctor" based on an honorary doctoral degree he received.Many of the staff members at the school were people related to Wills by blood or marriage, and there was no evidence that they had the proper credentials to be working with children, especially those with "problems" of any sort.

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Each is among the hundreds who have enrolled at Mountain Park Baptist Boarding Academy, near Poplar Bluff, Mo., and other teen reform homes run by Bob and Betty Wills and their family over the past 25 years. Throughout its history, the ministry has been praised by satisfied families and condemned by former students and government officials.Before Bob and Betty Wills founded Mountain Park in 1987, they were hit with a barrage of abuse allegations as operators of the Bethesda Home for Girls and Redemption Ranch for Boys near Hattiesburg, Miss.

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