Beth Aaronson

last updated 3/6/2018

Beth S. Aaronson

Staff Physician at Western Connecticut Health Network Inc

33 Germantown Road, Danbury, Connecticut, United States
HQ Phone:
(203) 739-7000

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Section Chief, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation - Danbury Hospital

Physician - Danbury Office Physician Services P.C



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Danbury Hospital’s Chief of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Discusses Sustaining Bone, Joint and Muscle Health as We Age

Beth Aaronson, M.D.
Beth S. Aaronson, M.D. Chief, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Danbury Hospital Find a Doctor Profile When a 60-year-old woman started experiencing occasional hip discomfort during her regular walks, she was worried because one of her vital long-term goals is to continue this exercise in her later years. According to Beth Aaronson, M.D., chief of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Danbury Hospital and a physician member of Western Connecticut Medical Group, "since she has established a good routine to support her physical and cardiovascular health, and can remain active for many years to come. As long as she feels well and has received no advice to curtail this activity from her primary care physician or other specialist, she should simply follow their recommendations for regular care and screening to stay healthy." "Above all, pay attention to what your body is telling you regarding the time and intensity of one's walking, take special precautions to wear the right footwear and follow a safe route, especially with regard to weather, traffic and terrain," Dr. Aaronson advises. "With respect to one's bones, joints and muscles, one should not let pain, swelling, or walking difficulties go left unchecked." "Hip pain can be the result of a problem with your feet, your back, the way you walk (gait), or prior injury or wear and tear on the hip. Don't hesitate to ask and see your doctor," said Dr. Aaronson.

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Beth Aaronson, MD - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

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Staff of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Danbury Hospital

Beth Aaronson, MD,
Section Chief, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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