Barbara Hedges

School Nurse at John D. Runkle School

John D. Runkle School

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Active Member  - Brookline Education Association

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Barbara Hedges
Barbara Hedges, 2006 Barbara Hedges is the school nurse at the John D. Runkle School in Brookline, MA. Barbaras introduction at the forum described her many accomplishments. o matter how inspiring a teacher or creative a lesson no educator can effectively help a student to learn if that student isnt feeling wellor worse, isnt even in school. In our school communities one person who we teachers, administrators and parents all count on to ensure that our school environments are safe and healthy, the one who can provide urgently needed care or respite, and the person a child can always turn to for help and compassion during difficult times -- is the school nurse whose role in a school has vastly expanded and evolved over the course of recent years. Her nominators for this award tell the story of someone who is plays a key role in her school community by embracing all areas of her work with thoroughness, professionalism, enthusiasm and a wry humor. David Summergrad, Principal of the Runkle School describes Barbara as, unflappable, calm and constant. Its clear from their many words of praise that Barbara Hedges is someone who goes above and beyond her already demanding role. Barbara has served on the school Crisis team since its establishment; the Runkle School Emergency Medical Response Team; and the Brookline Emergency Preparedness committee. All of this preparation came into play last fall when Runkle School experienced an outbreak of what is known as the cruise ship virus. Barbara was the first responder to this crisis, according to her nominators, she managed the situation proactively, never loosing her cool, and never loosing sight of the goal to protect the health and safety of the children and adults in the school community. She embraces her role as an educator, during this crisis and other instances, making sure everyone is fully informed. Barbara has written grants and gained funding to teach and develop programs including yoga and meditation for students. She has been an active member of the Brookline Education Association as a building representative, as well as serving on the negotiations team and grievance team. Her nominators say that she, works collaboratively seeking partnerships from all corners of the building community while maintaining her own personal views and values when necessary. This collaborative and dedicated spirit comes forth as her nominators tell the story of how Barbara embraces her role as a METCO mentor to one of the Runkle School 5 th graders. She has served as a board member of the Brookline/Quetzalquaqu sister city project and has traveled twice to Nicaragua to carry medical supplies, and hosted Nicaraguan delegates who came to visit Brookline.

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