Barbara Christensen

Barbara Christensen

Owner, HLWC, CPT,SN, Wellness Advocate and Licensed Cosmetologist at Bija Coaching

P.O. Box 1284, Riverton, Utah, United States
Bija Coaching

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Waverunner  - Ocean Avenue Shakes

Certified TurboKick Instructor, Independent Fitness Coach  - Team Beachbody

Independent Product Consultant  - Abundant Health Massage Therapy & Wellness


Founding Member  - IAC

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Bija Coaching (801) 448-SOUL - Barbara Christensen - Kirkland, WA*
Creative Alternatives Coaching (425) 814-9083 - Deah Curry - Kirkland WA 98034* sponsor

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Barbara Christensen: Creator of The Virtuosoul Journey
Barbara has a ton of knowledge and personal experience that gives her compassion and ability to look at the bigger picture. Barbara offers a vast (and growing) knowledge of nutrition, holistic/alternative treatment, and fitness. She seems to genuinely care about the welfare of her friends and clients, is kind, and honest. I know that if I have a question about anything having to do with improving my health naturally, I can trust Barbara for sage advice. Barbara Christensen was the first person to give me permission to jump, leap and fly out of my comfort zone in my health, business, and LIFE! She is a powerhouse when it comes to tapping into her intuition, and uses that gift to help others. She is tireless in her efforts and commitment. I am grateful every day for her friendship and insight in my life." Barbara of Bija Coaching is an excellent coach and resource for all things health! Whenever I've had a question, she hasn't just answered it, but has provided other insights that help me in making smart health decisions. She also shares lots of great info and resources to my online Nudge Village community. Highly recommend working with her. She's for real. She's experienced. She's informed. Work with her!" Barbara makes you think about the possibilities not the outcome. Barbara has made people think about what the mind, body and your life really need to make you feel in balance." Barbara is one of the most resourceful connections I have been blessed with. She is very knowledgeable and patient when it comes to helping with technology. If there is something I can't figure out she's always more than helpful to go out of her way and guide me as well as make other awesome suggestions! She is definitely in my top 5 as far as fantastic connections when it comes to my business!" Barbara Christensen , CA, CPT, NTP, HLWC Mom and wife first, homeschooling teacher and of course holistic coach!! I love essential oils, alternative health, and I know that our geneitic makeup mixed with the best food will change a life! Facebook Instagram Design: Original TEMPLATED I Reconfig A GIRL DESIGN I All Rights Reserved (c) 2001 to present Barbara Christensen / Bija Coaching

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Barbara Christensen
Barbara Christensen :: C.E.O. :: Barbara has been marketing and branding for over a decade. She is the owner of Bija Coaching and has worked with many large companies through her career. After leaving the trenches to become a mom she found a renewed fondness for all things brandable, and the growth of social networking in America. Barbara not only steers the head of the marketing ship, she challenges and supports all staffing needs and works with clients on WordPress/Blogger development, and website branding and visual design. Copyright © 2014 Paul Christensen | Localixe Development | Website Enhancement : Barbara Christensen

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