Avi Turiel

Avi Turiel

Patent Attorney at Dr.D.Graeser Ltd.

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HaSadna 13, Ra'anana, Central District, Israel

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Patent Attorney  - Graeser Associates International Inc.

Strategic Marketing  - Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd.


degree  - engineering , University of Witwatersrand


Security Research Director  - CYREN Ltd

Product Manager  - Juniper Networks Inc

Product Manager  - Comverse Technology , Inc.

Director - Network Planning  - ECI Telecom LTD

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Avi Turiel
Avi Turiel Avi Turiel is Director of Product Marketing at Commtouch. He closely follows Internet security trends, scours Commtouch labs and data feeds, and picks analysts' brains to report on interesting developments in the spam, web security and malware filtering world.

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Avi Turiel, director of Threat Research and Market Analysis at Commtouch notes that, "Android is by far the most popular mobile operating system in the world today, with a market share of more than 75 percent in the third quarter.
Its popularity makes it a natural target for cyber criminals of all kinds." The issue certainly underscores why many enterprises are still reluctant to deal with Android devices as a part of large scale BYOD deployments. It is also why Samsung continues to look for its own independent ways of better securing Android for the enterprise. Turiel adds, "The alarming growth rate also demonstrates that the Android platform is still regarded as an easy target.

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But, as Commtouch's Avi Turiel suggests, perhaps it will be used for a new kind of evil activity, on... read more

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