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Last Updated 12/23/2008

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Employment History

Fiduciary Trust Officer for the Office  - Fort Berthold Agency

Medical Director  - TAT/KDU

Council Member  - MHA Nation

Business Council and Tribal Chairman  - MHA Nation

Business Manager  - Tribal

Clerk  - Tribal


MSW  - 


Representative  - White Shield Council

Arikara Representative  - White Shield District

Board Member  - NDRDC

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Austin Gillette, who served on the tribal business council for many years, said the disbursement of funds to the elders originated when the tribe won a judgment award in claims from the federal government.
The judgment award was for $32 million, he said. Gillette, now fiduciary trust officer for the Fort Berthold Agency Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians, gave a "history lesson" about the origination of the funds at the Elders Christmas Party. He said when the tribe received the judgment award there were 10 categories that the money could be used for and one of the categories was for the elderly. Only the interest from the money can be used. Gillette came up with the plan of how to use the money for the elderly. He discussed his plan with council members Pete Coffey Sr., Donald Malnourie and Gerald White Sr. at a meeting at his (Gillette's) home. "The way it was, was to disburse to everyone over 60 regardless of where they lived. We have members all over the country," Gillette said. Coffey, Malnourie and White presented the plan to the council and it was approved, Gillette said. It's still going on and that's good," Gillette said. Subscribe to Minot Daily News | MinotDailyNews.com

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Front row left to right: Austin Gillette, White Shield Council Representative; Tex G. Hall, Chairman, elected at large; Malcolm Wolf, New Town Council Representative.Austin GilletteMembere-mail gillette@mhanation.com Austin Gillette, White Shield Pow Wow July 2001EDUCATION

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Mobridge Tribune: Local News

Austin Gillette, an Arikara representative of the White Shield District, will give an introduction to the culture and history of the tribe on Friday and other events will follow through the celebration.

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