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It was with deep sadness and sorrow that I learned of the passing of Dr. Audie Davis (October 25, 2011) while attending the DFW BOAF Annual Dinner on Thursday night.
Dr. Davis had been in ill heath for several years as a result of complications from a kidney transplant he received. Audie was a personal friend of mine, who 12-stepped me into AA at the DENver HIMS Conference in September 1998. I am alive today because of the efforts of Audie Davis and the others involved that night. In addition to being a senior FAA AME, Audie was a member of the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous with several decades of sobriety at the time of his death. He was also the FAA advocate for the HIMS program at the FAA Aeromedical Certification Branch in Oklahoma City. Without the efforts of Dr. Davis, it is quite likely that any alcoholic pilot would never have been allowed back in the cockpit of an airplane again once his disease had come to the attention of the FAA. If you have flown airplanes for more than 15 years, your medical certificate was probably signed by Dr. Audie Davis prior to his retirement from the FAA back then. Goodbye Audie.

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HIMS 03 Conference Speakers

Dr. Audie Davis, HIMS program manager opened the program.
He is now in his second contract term with HIMS. He formerly headed the FAA agency that for 30 years made the decision on which pilots were "fit" to fly. Although he was always an advocate of "keeping pilots flying as long as it could be done safely," he was, for years, unable to overcome the FAA culture that held to the belief that recovered alcoholic pilots should never return to the cockpit. Dr. Davis, told the assembled crowd of 138 in welcoming them to the seminar. He emphasized, "... this seminar is only the first step in qualifying you to work in this field. Experience in assisting with identification, intervention and continuing care must come from other trained and experienced members in the system." By the time the data laden program was over, attendees would clearly understand the role they would play in the triad of cooperation between management, union and FAA that allows the methodology of the HIMS program to succeed (see adjacent sidebar HIMS Program Elements) . Unlike those at some earlier seminars, this audience was more familiar with the declarations that "alcoholism is not self induced;" and that "alcoholism is a disease. Here, they would learn the "Why" of those facts. In providing a broad national overview of the addiction/alcohol problem, Dr.Davis noted the contrasting statistics between illicit drug use and alcohol use: Dr. Davis says, "As in any other professional occupation, about 7 to 10 percent will develop the disease in their professional life time. But even with all that, Dr. Davis' opening caution remained a constant in this effort to restore pilots to their cockpits, "... this seminar is only the first step in qualifying you to work in this field. Audie Davis, M.D. Program Manager

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HIMS 03 Conference Speakers

Audie Davis, M.D.
HIMS Program Manager

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