Atsuko Yamano

Atsuko Yamano

Drummer at Ritsuko and Kaori

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Founding Member - Shonen Knife

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Etsuko Nakanishi, Atsuko Yamano, Naoko Yamano, w/Mamiko Nakagawa
Current Bassist info: Michie, Atsuko and Ritsuko all looked like "girl next door" and don't have a resume as bassist. Kaori is greatest in the history of Shonen Knife Bassist. She doesn't use a pick and performs by her fingers. But Ritsuko is more natural for the Shonen Knife mood. Ritsuko was traditional like Michie and Atsuko. I wish Shonen Knife had three Bass players: Atsuko, Ritsuko and Kaori! Atsuko will return from L.A. to play in the next show in Tokyo this month. So, I can't meet Chizuru. They might not fix support Bass Player for a time, yet. The names Atsuko, Etsuko, Ritsuko and Chizuru... they are a crackjaw name for American people to say, maybe? Atsuko returned from L.A. for several weeks in Japan. A lot of fans came from Osaka, Nagoya etc.... to see her. It was her first show, from last July. I am seeing only three times a support Bass player with the band, so I didn't think "long time no see". haha! The hall was full and in the air, it was HOT. Naoko asked Atsuko on the stage: "How about today's live show, and your new life in L.A?" Atsuko: "I am so excited and happy to play Shonen Knife again. Atsuko: "It is the first time that I perform this song with Bass. Atsuko: "Thanks!

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::Metropolis Tokyo :: JAPAN BEAT - Shonen Knife

Frontwomen, singer/bassist Michie Nakatani and singer/guitarist Naoko Yamano, barely skipped a beat when they were forced to replace longtime drummer Atsuko Yamano with new face Mana Nishiura; and last year's album, Heavy Songs (Warner Indie Network) was possibly one of the band's best yet.And, even as they enter their third decade, Yamano, in an online interview, insists that there will be "no final for Shonen Knife."

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LMNOP: Shonen Knife Interview

Shonen Knife is Naoko Yamano (guitar, vocal), Michi Nakatani (bass, vocal), and Atsuko Yamano (drums, vocal).
Yes, it's the drummer Atsuko. She is only my sister. And also the drummer Atsuko graduated college and designer course for clothing design. After we formed the Shoken Knife and we graduated the school and we started to work at various kind of job like office worker at machinery company or receptionist at doctor's office and also the drummer Atsuko was working at clothing company as a clothing designer. Also the drummer Atsuko is always making our stage costumes herself.

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