Arantza Quiroga

Arantza Quiroga

President at PP

General Information


President  - Partido Popular


Basque Minister for Industry Bernabé Unda, General Secretary  - Innovation Juan Tomás Hernani

Recent News  

The President of the PP in the Basque region, Arantza Quiroga, said it was another deception and what ETA had wanted was for the International Spokesman to manage their own epitaph.

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El País prints a comment from the PP president in the Basque Country, Arantza Quiroga, who says, 'I want my hand free for everything'.

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For example, while the PP's "Tea Party" right sees ETA winning everywhere, for Basque PP president Arantza Quiroga, "ETA has been defeated" and the important job is for the Spanish and Basque governments to collaborate in assuring its final disappearance: "We cannot allow the abertzale left to lead the ending of ETA."

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