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Principal - Sacred Heart Schools

Social Work Teacher - California State University , Fresno

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"There are not always kind words (heard on campus), there are not always kind gestures, we're not always including everyone, and that makes us concerned," Sacred Heart Principal April Luchonok said to the students during the assembly.
"The (kick-off assembly) was very nice," said Luchonok. "Having the (Peacebuilders) flag up every day is a visible reminder." Luchonok said the Peacebuilders principles will be visible in every classroom and throughout the campus. "For students, it's nice to know the person they may want to seek help from and we're trying to build that connection," said Luchonok. The next step for Sacred Heart will be to include the parents. Luchonok said she hopes to hold a special meeting for the parents to really understand the program and the principles. "The parents will complete the circle," she said. "This year, we will scratch the surface and really began implementing it at the beginning of the next school year and of course infusing faith in everything we do." Luchonok said they will follow up with students as well to see how the program is working and progressing. "We hope that (the message of the Peacebuilders program) will go beyond our school and into the world," she said.

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Cat 2008 Transcript: Cardinal Mahony w/ Sacred Heart School students

And special thanks to Mrs. April Luchonok, principal at Sacred Heart School.
Beginning of chat (chatroom created Wed Feb 7 16:21:15 2007 GMT) Cardinal Roger Mahony was born in Hollywood, Calif., and was ordained a priest in 1962 for the Diocese of Fresno, Calif. While there, he taught social work at California State University, Fresno. In 1975, he was made Auxiliary Bishop for the Diocese of Fresno by Pope Paul VI. That year, California Governor Jerry Brown appointed Bishop Mahony as the first chair of the California Agricultural Labor Relations Board, where he worked with Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers and various growers in the state to resolve labor disputes. In 1980, Bishop Mahony was appointed as Bishop of the Diocese of Stockton. Only five years later he was appointed to lead the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, the first native Angeleno to hold the office. Bishop Mahony was elevated to Cardinal by Pope John Paul II in 1991. Mrs. Luchonok: Cardinal Mahony, I have the good fortune to be the principal of SHS...we are sad that Fr. Brian is retiring! Mrs. Luchonok: Thanks, Chris...this was great!!!

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The promotion was conceived by April Luchonok, principal of Sacred Heart School in Covina.
Luchonok said the hat idea came to her because she knew kids of all ages liked to wear them. At a Jan. 15 news conference announcing the promotion, she explained that it was both "traditional and typical" for Catholic school students to respond to local, national and global tragedies. "Basically, we're trying to get the message across that our children can make a difference in our world," Luchonok told The Tidings.

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