Anton Anikst

last updated 5/2/2018

Anton M. Anikst

Senior Trader and Analyst at Knighthead Capital Management , LLC

1140 AVENUE OF THE AMERICAS, New York City, New York, United States
HQ Phone:
(212) 356-2900

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Analyst - Morgan Stanley & Co.

Senior Vice President - York Capital Management

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Your next question is from Anton Anikst.
Anton Anikst: Hey guys how are you? Anton Anikst with Morgan Stanley. Anton Anikst: Two questions. One - more of a big picture regarding share shims in the market. It was an element in the degradation Anton. Anton Anikst: Okay. Understood. Most of it went to revenue Anton in the fourth quarter. Anton Anikst: Anton Anikst: Anton Anikst: There is a lag as you point out Anton. And a countervailing force here Anton relative to the sub prime degradation is that unemployment rates are still quite good - in fact very very low at the moment which historically has been a very good - has had a very high correlation to our bad debt results. So, you know, we're watching the sub prime market. We're adjusting our models accordingly. And, you know, we have the capability, you know, to become more restrictive as soon as we feel like we need to thanks to all the tools that we put into place over the last several years. Anton Anikst: The patent litigations we filed are still in process Anton and everyone else. Anton Anikst: Thanks very much. Good luck.

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Your next question comes from the line of Anton Anikst with Morgan Stanley. Anton Anikst: Good afternoon guys.Anton Anikst: Just a couple questions.First let me actually kick it off with perhaps a technology question which I know you haven't got too many of these days.But with this migration to VoIP architecture, some of your signature applications like three-way call detections and such, are you able to provide those in a VoIP environment with similar accuracy as you can in the circuit switch environment? Dick Falcone: Yes, actually Anton, we are number one, to answer your question specifically and to get to the accuracy comment, based on the testing we've done to date, it's improved accuracy.Anton Anikst: Okay, that's helpful.Anton Anikst: Understandable.Anton Anikst: And just since the trial was public, can you tell us who's (unintelligible)? Anton Anikst: Since the trial was public, can you tell us which facility that was a contract for? Keith Kelson: I think out of respect for our customer Anton, we prefer not to ...Anton Anikst: Fair enough.Another quick question.Anton Anikst: Got it.And then final question, just a bookkeeping item.Anton Anikst: Great.Thanks very much. Dick Falcone: You're welcome Anton.

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Anton Anikst 1585 BroadwayNew York, NY 10036

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