Anna Sampaio

last updated 12/2/2017

Anna Sampaio

Director of Ethnic Studies and Associate Professor at President and Board of Trustees of Santa Clara College

President and Board of Trustees of Santa Clara College

General Information


Professor - Colorado University

Specialist In Immigration Issues - University of Colorado-Denver

Sciences Center Sal Gomez -- Founder - National Hispanic Business Information Clearinghouse & Entrepreneurial Development Center Fred Niehaus

Senior Vice President of Public Affairs - The Western Union Company

Position, Leadership Council - Escuela de Guadalupe

Associate Professor of Women's and Gender Studies - Rutgers University

Director of Ethnic Studies and Associate Professor - Santa Clara University


BS - Political Science , Santa Clara University

MA - Political Science , University of California at Riverside

Ph.D.University of Colorado at Denver

PhD - Political Science , University of California at Riverside


Board Member - Latina Initiative

Associate Professor, Graduate Advisor, Department Political Science - University of Colorado at Denver and He

Member of the Editorial Board - PS

Board Member - Mexican American Community Services Agency , Inc.

Board Member - Escuela Tlatelolco

Several Professional Committees - Governing Council of the American Political Science Association

Recent News  

PGW Conference Call - Women Voters: It's Complicated. - Presidential Gender Watch

BLFF founder and president Barbara Lee and CAWP scholar Dr. Kelly Dittmar led a discussion with three guest experts on women voters across diverse groups - Republican women, Latinas, and Black women - including Republican pollster Christine Matthews; political scientist Dr. Anna Sampaio; and political strategist Glynda Carr.
"Enthusiasm [among Latinas] has been stoked in large part because of the centrality of immigration in this election cycle: both the resurgence of demonizing language unequivocally targeting Latinas/os, as well as the breadth of detailed policy reforms coming out of the Democratic candidates," said Dr. Anna Sampaio, associate professor of ethnic studies and political science and director of ethnic studies at Santa Clara University. Despite the presence of two high profile Latino candidates in the race at this point - Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz - there has been no surge of Latina support within the Republican party, nor an exodus from the Democrats to the GOP, owing almost entirely to the hostile and targeted language aimed at this population, Sampaio said. Evidence suggests that anti-immigration rhetoric from individual Republican candidates not only damages that candidate in the eyes of Latina voters, but can also damage Latina voters' image of that candidate's political party overall, according to Sampaio. Latino Decisions Poll (November 2015) Referred to by Dr. Anna Sampaio "Hostile Talk Hurts GOP with Latino Voters," Latino Decisions Blog (November 16, 2015) Referred to by Dr. Anna Sampaio

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American Political Science Association > DIVERSITY > APSA Status Committees > Status of Latinos y Latinas in the Profession Committee

Anna Sampaio, Santa Clara University
Committee Adaljiza Sosa-Riddell Mentoring Awards

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People's Voice - Good Times Santa Cruz

Even though Santa Clara has one of the oldest ethnic studies programs in the country, Anna Sampaio, director of ethnic studies at Santa Clara University, says it still hasn't been granted departmental status, and it still can't offer a standalone major to undergraduates.
"Ethnic studies completely shifts the learning rubric," Sampaio explains.

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