Anish Singhal

Anish Singhal

Partner at Dhariwal and Shingal

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Vice Chairman and Managing Director, KEN Group  - Ken Consulting Pvt Ltd

Vice Chairman and Managing Director  - Ken Consulting Pvt Ltd


Board Member  - Ken Creative Studio Pvt. Ltd.

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Anish Singhal, vice - chairman and managing director of Ken group of companies, is a 33-j year-old chartered accountant, who started his enterprise 10 years ago with the ideal of doing transparent business and using the money generated for the development of society.He was only 23 when he started as a partner with Dhariwal and Shingal, a finance consulting firm.Four years ago, the firm was given a corporate structure that ventured into other business and was re-named Ken Group of Companies.Mr Singhal explains.Mr. Singhal says his hobby is to help people, which has led him to take initiatives such as sponsoring 28 chartered accountant students in his consulting firm. According to him, KEN group believes in five economic components- Money, Material, Manpower, Management and Machine, which a company should start with."If someone comes with one component, we will provide the rest so that entrepreneurs can be successful in their business".Mr. Singhal says, "By doing this we are promoting a lot of people, who have not been able to realize their dream for want of economic components" he explains. His agenda to serve society as translated into a socio economic project close to rupees 100 crore in Balatra at Rajasthan.The project involve the adoption of a 30km area and using the revenue generated for the development of the people and their surroundings.Before venturing into this long-term project, Mr. Singhal did a feasibility study across the country.He explains, "The region Balotra was found to be the best to start with as a place is in absolute dessert and economically backward.""When we talk about development, it should be about changing the fundamental lives of people, not merely offering a meal or subsidy to the poor".He says, according to him the corporate kind of organizations which has access to international technology and markets can do this in a methodical and professional manner."The idea is to join with people for making a better and beautiful world.Though this is pretty big idea I am talking about what we are trying to achieve," he adds, Mr. Singhal aims to generate wealth, which can be utilized for the development of the economical backward people.What he is trying to convey though his business and social service, he explains, is that the "Corporate world can lead to the healthy and permanent development of India."

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Anish Singhal - Vice Chairman & Managing Director
Mr Anish Singhal, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, KEN Group, is spearheading the march of KEN Group towards becoming one of the largest one-stop solution providers that enables business. He is leading each of the group companies into becoming a $500 million turnover company with 50,000 employee strength in the next five years. Having put KEN Group on the rapid growth path, he leads the business initiatives from the front in Consulting, IT Solutions, Multimedia and Real Estate. Thanks to his vision, KEN Group today has projects in its kitty to the tune of $220 million. A Chartered Accountant by qualification and a businessman by passion, Mr Singhal has varied experience in handling Corporate Advisory Services and has a vast Consulting experience behind him. He has analysed and installed systems and processes for various organisation and spearhead due diligences. Mr Singhal is a business strategist who is as much driven by social causes as by market opportunities. While his business projects are the timely and relevant answers to specific market needs, they also conform to a larger vision of collective socio-economic development wherein basic needs are fulfilled and there is equal access to resources. His energy has been converted into an institution where there is no limit on innovative ideas and meaningful business opportunities.

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Anish Singhal specialises in identifying business opportunities and converting them into realistic, successful business models.A experienced in the field of management and finance consulting, company law, audits, and structuring agreements, Anish has worked with diverse sectors to arrive at the belief that the gap between domain expertise, business requirements and software design and development must be bridged.The youngest elected committee member of the Karnataka State Chartered Accountants Association (KSCAA), he is also prominent at various state and national forums.

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