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Angelique Brown

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14020 SE Johnson Rd Suite 101, Portland, Oregon, United States

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Angelique Brown, AMF Capital
Angelique Brown, AMF Capital Angelique Brown, AMF Capital Angelique Brown joined AMF Capital at its inception with an established career in financing and multi-million dollar negotiations as a commercial and residential mortgage underwriter. She is responsible for both originating and facilitating transactions from commencement to completion. During her 20+ years in underwriting, she has facilitated over $500,000,000 in commercial, multifamily and residential transactions. Ms. Brown has provided consultation and training for underwriting, sales and support to small and large firms across the continental U.S. Ms. Brown provides an underwriter's perspective on our preliminary review of client loan requests including review of assets, collateral and credit. She offers creative solutions for unique circumstances and maximizes the desirability of our clientele affording them access to many standardized lending platforms. She shepherds our clients throughout the transaction, sets realistic expectations, troubleshoots upcoming obstacles and advocates our client's preferences. Ms. Brown is highly conscious of proprietary information and keeps a close guard on the confidentiality of our clients. Ms. Brown works directly with each borrower and, when possible, will pursue documentation directly from accountants, property managers, sales agents, etc. in an effort to minimize the borrower's work load. Ms. Brown has a comprehensive understanding of bookkeeping, banking, auditing, economics, contractual language and legal requirements for entities and real estate. She has a background in business startups and operations, management and HR, marketing, real estate sales and risk assessment. Her diverse skill set allows her to build solid relationships with key players in both the lending and escrow communities which foster smoother transactions. Ms. Brown is a military brat, a native Oregonian and Portland State University alumni. For more information, please contact: ANGELIQUE BROWN Originator, Closer

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