Andrew Nadel

last updated 7/18/2018

Andrew Nadel

Products- Unique Tech Ideas at Pride Products

673 Morris Avenue Suite 2, Springfield, New Jersey, United States
HQ Phone:
(973) 564-6300

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Two days before checking into the hospital for minor hernia surgery, Andrew Nadel was a blur of activity.
The 43-year-old owner of Pride Products, a promotional products and corporate gifts company in Springfield, N.J., knew his convalescence would put him out of commission for at least a few days. So he was scrambling to get a jump on his 40 or 50 daily sales calls, as well as ensure that current orders were proceeding smoothly. Then there was the question of what would happen if a problem arose while he was under the knife. Obviously, he would not be reachable via cell phone. It's tough running a business all by yourself. But Nadel isn't really by himself. In fact, he has seven employees, including his wife, on the payroll. Nadel simply cannot delegate. "I have a certain style - from when a client calls to when a factory starts giving us a hard time," he says. That "certain style," Nadel maintains, has been key to his seven-year-old company's success, and he's loathe to let go. Says Nadel: "I admit I have an issue here." As for Nadel, the day before his surgery, he informed his staff that he was going to make an effort to take a step back from the day-to-day to really focus on sales, strategy, and overall management. Will he keep his promise? Recovering from surgery at home, Nadel wasn't sure. "At this point, I just don't know," he says tensely.

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Andrew Nadel, CEO of Pride Products Distributors (page 110), a distributor of corporate logo products, says Wall Street was a fabulous training ground.As a bond salesman at a boutique investment firm there, Nadel competed with some of the Street's biggest firms.He learned very quickly how to develop relationships, make a sale with no initial leverage, and earn faithful clients through follow-through and honesty.

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