Andre Myburgh

last updated 12/5/2017

Andre Myburgh

Group Information Technology - Central Services at The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd

Level 12465 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood, New South Wales, Australia
HQ Phone:
+61 2 9253 6600

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André Myburgh, Hollard technical architecture manager, has a reputation of knowing what he wants of the solutions he agrees to test.And he works for a company that does its industry and shareholders proud by being unflinchingly cost-conscious.Myburgh explains the need to shorten backup and recovery periods.Myburgh says Hollard expects to begin journaling and extracting mails (for deletion - leaving a link to the archived mail) by July."Exchange provides journaling, but it's not easy to delegate control," Myburgh begins."EX makes that simple, and Legato's Email Archiver further makes it possible to merge Exchange information stores into a single instance store, for quicker retrieval - depending on how much is stored online."The archive database, currently 380 GB, is expected to grow by 100 GB per month.It is online (on a storage area network or SAN), using serial ATA on a storage array of EMC/Dell CX500 systems."Given the throughput anticipated, nothing [less] than SATA was justifiable," says Myburgh. He adds that drive costs have come down significantly enough to provide a cost saving.As for the cost of EX, Myburgh says this can be written off just in the savings on tape cartridges required for historical backups. The combination of Exchange and EX means Hollard can create multiple databases, create near-, on- and offline storage, and change rule sets.But deciding what mails are personal and which business-related, and consequently, which ones to keep or move near- or offline, is tough.For the moment, everything is online.Once the "relatively small drives" fill up, a decision will be made to expand or back up to tape.Myburgh has some advice on choosing technology and devising rule sets."The vicious rumour that you have to keep everything for ever is not correct," he says.EX held its own among four other contenders, whom Myburgh does not wish to name.When pressed, he says, generally speaking, that Veritas KVS, EAS and others all have good solutions with similar functionality and credible interoperability with Exchange."It's the way they interface, the way you set up rules that differs," he says.

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