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Board Member  - Elizabeth Fry Society of Toronto


bachelors degree  - Theology , 

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Alma Aiken*
Parenting Program Counsellor

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Alma Aiken and Sherrette Thomas - Parenting Program
The E. Fry Parenting Program consists of a weekly group program at the agency, the Toronto West Detention and the Vanier Centre for Women. Women in this group struggle with many difficult life situations such as abuse, poverty, and isolation as well as fighting the stigma of being an incarcerated mother. Alma and Sherrette share the counselling responsibilities for the Parenting Program. Alma is presenting covering for parenting counsellor, Linda Brotman, who is on maternity leave. Before Alma came to the agency she worked with the Salvation Army doing counselling and supervision. She also worked with the Canadian Mental Health Association as a group counsellor. She is a graduate of the George Brown College Human Services Counselling course and has a bachelors degree in Theology. Alma also works periodically as a relief counsellor in the E. Fry residence. Sherrette is also a graduate of the George Brown Human Services course and the George Brown Community Worker course which also includes group facilitating. She has worked at the Woodgreen Family Shelter doing individual and group counselling, and at Fred Victor Housing where she provided housing information for the residents.

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