Alkiviadis Geskos

Alkiviadis Geskos

Wildlife Biologist at Cretan Wild Goat

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Dr. Alkiviadis Geskos Alkiviadis Geskos is a wildlife biologist with a PhD on the behavioural ecology and conservation of the Cretan Wild Goat (Agrimi). I would like to join the LHNet as an expert so as to help with conservation planning of Caprinae species and, if necessary, ungulates in general. He finished his first degree in 1996. Since then, he took part as a volunteer in various conservation projects, some involving European herbivores such as roe deer and wild boar. He got involved more with ungulates, esp., Red and Fallow deer and captive-bred Przewalski horses, during his MSc. Between 2004 and 2011 he conducted PhD research on the morphology, behavioural ecology, population dynamics and conservation of the Cretan wild goat or Agrimi in its native habitats of Crete.

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