Alex Peters

last updated 3/12/2018

Alex Peters

Sales and Administration at APM Limited

670 Ready St, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
APM Limited

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News: Boomerang returns investment - New Zealand Printer

Alex Peters, managing director at APM, believes the Hatten Boomer 4 (short for Boomerang) returning folding box gluer stands out for its appeal to a range of packaging and print packaging companies.
He says, “We see companies operating in a quite complex and competitive business environment so anything they can do to develop an edge must help them. Peters says, “Normally it would double on itself to about 10-11 metres so then you an operator at the start and the end. That's the beauty of the return operation. “We have done business with Hatten for 20 years and we have sold some of their other gear.

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