Albert F. Robbins

Chief Medical Examiner ( Coroner at Las Vegas Police Department

Las Vegas Police Department
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General Information

Employment History

Medical Examiner  - CSI Wiki

Homicide Police Captain  - Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Physician  - Microecologies Inc

Medical Consultant  - AirMD Inc

Director  - Robbins Environmental Medicine Center

Coroner  - CSI Insurance Agency Inc

Examiner  - Las Vegas Chief Medical Examiner


American Board of Environmental Medicine

International Board of Environmental Medicine

Tustin High School

M.D.  - 

M.D./PhD  - Physiology , U of Virginia

Masters Degree  - Physiology , Johns Hopkins University


Advisory Board Member  - ACN Forums

Cie Member  - Indoor Air Quality Association Inc

Individual Member  - Institute for Children's Environmental Health

Member  - LDDI Working Group

Fellow  - American Academy of Environmental Medicine

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Al Robbins
Al Robbins Al Robbins is the Chief Medical Examiner (Coroner) of the Las Vegas Police Department.

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Albert Robbins
Albert "Al" Robbins Albert "Al" Robbins is the Chief Medical Examiner (Coroner) of the Las Vegas Police Department, working in close conjunction with CSI SupervisorD.B. Russell and his nightshift team of CSIs. Robbins is Grissom's intellectual equal - the two often carry out academically acquired banter - and, like Grissom, Dr. Robbins seems neither nonplussed nor disturbed by the actions and habits in the various subcultures and miscarriages of humanity. Although he has a Siamese cat which had kittens in season five (saying "which is why I prefer cats"), in Cats in the Cradle he stated he is more of a dog person. He is terrified of rats as they are hazardous hygienically and suits up in a HazMat suit (and forces David Phillips to do the same) when they go hunting for an escaped rat in the mortuary in the season seven episode Lab Rats. Robbins has a fondness for coffee, specifically macchiatos (Table Stakes) and plays guitar in a band he has formed with the day shift coroner. He also keeps an album of autopsy photos of celebrities who have died in Las Vegas and wound up on his table, including Tupac Shakur and The Who bassist John Entwistle. He is apparently fairly skilled at baking as he brings the lab a home-made strawberry-ruhbarb pie in Dog Eat Dog. He is also a blues fan, as he is seen listening to a blues song in The Gone Dead Train. He walks with a limp and uses crutches because of his prosthetic legs. Early Life Edit Al was raised by his mother, who was also a registered nurse. Consequently, Al spent most of his childhood in hospital environments. From a very early age, he was able to understand the cycle of life (healing, birth and death) and as a young man graduated with a Masters Degree in Physiology from Johns Hopkins University. At a young age, Al was hit head-on by a drunk driver and lost both of his legs. He walks with the use of prosthetic limbs and a crutch. Al's accident runs parallel to a similar accident that Hall had at age 18. Robbins has a fondness for coffee, specifically macchiatos ("Table Stakes") and plays guitar in a band he has formed with the day shift coroner. Judy had engaged the victim, a genealogist, to present Al with a family tree. At the end of the episode Al can finally take a look at the gift and find out he is a direct descendant of William "Buffalo Bill" Cody. On the job Edit Al often works very closely with the CSI team, giving them valuable advice which often leads them to figuring out a case. Due to his age and disability he usually sends his assistant David Phillips to examine the body on site, though he occasionally goes himself. After Grissom left, Robbins developed a similar sort of friendship with new CSI Raymond Langston. The CSIs figure out that Al wasn't the cause of the man's death and is released. Albert became a main cast member at the beginning of the third season. Although credited in the opening titles, he doesn't appear in episode Still Life from season six. Dr. Robbins has appeared in more episodes than any other character in the series or the franchise.

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Al Robbins
Al Robbins Dr. Albert 'Al' Robbins is the Chief Medical Examiner (Coroner) of the Las Vegas Police Department and works closely with the D.B Russell and the night shift team of crime scene investigators. In his older age and due to his disability, Robbins more often than not will send his assistant David Phillips to investigate a crime scene however he does make appearances himself every now and then. Al can usually be found making medical banter with other team mates in the lab.

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