Alan Bogan

Alan Bogan

Museum Specialist at Center of Military History

Center of Military History

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Curator - The Old Guard Museum

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Alan Bogan, previous director of the Old Guard Museum and currently a museum specialist at the Center of Military History, said Kruger's wife regularly manned the museum gift shop as part of the Old Guard Ladies Association, and that Eric would occasionally stand in for her on Saturdays. "I'd always see him first thing in the morning at the Shoppette when we were buying coffee," Bogan said."He'd ask if there was anything the museum needed." "He was a very good guy to work for ... always cheerful and helpful," Bogan added.

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"He was noticed because he was acting up that day and had to be kept under tight rein by his handler," said Alan Bogan, curator of the Old Guard museum.Blackjack became so famous that he received fan mail, Christmas cards and birthday cards.He had a butter pecan birthday cake every Jan. 19.And in 1975 he received a batch of hand-drawn cards from an elementary school class in Fairmont, W.Va. One of them is signed, "Love, Mary Lou Retton."One hundred years after Traveller's death, Blackjack passed away.He was buried on the Fort Myer parade ground, inside a horseshoe-shaped hedge.His picture is on the headstone.

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"They like to say they do funerals as well and as proudly for a private as they do for a president," says Alan Bogan, curator at the Old Guard Museum at Fort Myer in Arlington, Va. Following the caisson will be a riderless horse -- in this case a New Jersey-bred 13-year-old known as Sgt.York.A pair of boots, one in each stirrup, will face backward.The horse and boots, Bogan says, are meant to symbolize a fallen warrior who will never ride again.The tradition of a "caparisoned" horse goes as far back as the 13th-century Mongol warlord Genghis Khan, when a warrior's mount would be led to his master's grave and then killed so they could go on to the next life together.

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