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[Notice of Poe's Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane and Minor Poems] (1829) by John Neal, Yankee and Boston Literary Gazette , December 1829

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Al Aaraaf
Edgar Allan Poe biography Al Aaraaf Al Aaraaf Al Aaraaf While in Baltimore Edgar continued his work with his poetry and he sent one of his poems to American Monthly which published parts of it as a laughable example of its "sickly rhymes". The major poem of the book, "Al Aaraaf", was inspired by Tycho Brahe's discovery of a nova back in 1572 which was visible for about sixteen months. This nova was merged with Al Aaraaf which is the place between paradise and hell where people who have not been neither markedly good nor markedly bad had to stay until forgiven by God and let in to Paradise, as depicted in the Koran. In part one God commands the angel Nesace, "ruler" of Al Aaraaf, to convey a message to "other worlds". In part two Nesace rouses the angel Ligeia, and bids her to awaken the other thousand seraphs to perform God's embassy. Two souls however, fail to respond: the "maiden-angel" Ianthe and her "seraph-lover" Angelo (Michelangelo), who describes his death on earth and the flight of his spirit to Al Aaraaf.

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