Adrian Gibbs

Adrian Gibbs

Principal Consultant at Eunomia

37 Queen Square, Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom
HQ Phone:
+44 117 917 2250

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Sky TV met with Eunomia Principal Consultant Adrian Gibbs on Friday 30th June by our head office to see the ...

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Dr Adrian Gibbs Principal Consultant Adrian is one of the UK's leading waste collections experts and has advised on collection systems in support of options appraisals, performance reviews, procurement support, partnership efficiency work and national policy making across the four UK administrations. He is a specialist in biowaste collection and treatment and has spoken across Europe and America on this subject as well as advising on the implementation of best practice. With expertise in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) in his toolbox, Adrian can advise not just on cost and performance factors but also on the climate change and other environmental implications of proposed waste solutions. Adrian uses these critical skills to deliver work for industry clients, national governments and the European Commission, as he aims to drive sustainability, efficiency and progress towards the circular economy. His wide portfolio includes waste collection systems design and operational support, organic and residual waste treatment system technical appraisal, economic modelling and strategic options appraisal, national planning and policy review, policy development, waste strategy, and detailed environmental assessment. Recent Experience The scope of work Adrian undertakes spans from local to multi-national. On the local level, he continues to provide support to local authorities in strategic decision making, for instance he recently led a comprehensive review of current activity and potential opportunities for the management of food waste in Cumbria. On the national level he recently advised on the design of a potential deposit refund system for Scotland, seeking to answer the question "If a deposit refund scheme was implemented in Scotland, what would it look like, what design features would it need to incorporate to minimise adverse consequences, and what would be the likely costs and benefits flowing from its introduction?". On the multi-national level, in support of Directive 2015/720 which sets out to reduce the consumption of lightweight plastic carrier bags across the EU, Adrian is currently heading up an investigation of the methods used in individual countries for quantifying annual carrier bag consumption. By comparing the methodologies, and assessing the administrative and financial burden associated with each, we will be recommending a set of standard methodologies to be adopted by all Member States. Career History Adrian is from an engineering background and has been involved in waste and environmental management since the turn of the century. His interest in the sustainable development of integrated waste management solutions developed from the primary scope of his PhD, which assessed the cause and effects of changes in waste management at every level of the hierarchy, with specific implications for advanced thermal technologies. He has been with Eunomia since 2004. Recent reports by Dr Adrian Gibbs Posted in CPRE | Deposit Refund Scheme | Keep Britain Tidy | Litter | Policy & Strategy | Reloop | Surfers Against Sewage | Waste & Recycling | Waste Prevention by Dr Dominic Hogg, Dr Chris Sherrington, Dr Adrian Gibbs, Tim Elliott Posted in Deposit Refund Scheme | Zero Waste Scotland by Tim Elliott, Dr Dominic Hogg, Dr Adrian Gibbs Posted in European Commission | Policy & Strategy by Dr Adrian Gibbs, Ann Ballinger

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Sky TV met with Eunomia Principal Consultant Adrian Gibbs on Friday 30th June by our head office to see the new Queen Square drinking fountain and find out why we sponsored the newest addition to this public square in Bristol.
Reporter Rebecca Williams interviewed Adrian to find out why we did this, and why we think other businesses should do the same as part of a news report released on Sunday 2nd July 2017 looking into the decline of public drinking fountains and rise of single-use plastic consumption. Adrian worked with stakeholders Bristol City Council, Bristol Water and Bristol Waste to deliver the installation of the new fountain in May 2017. 2. Eunomia Colleagues Launch Water Fountain The team at Eunomia Bristol toasting the launch of the new drinking fountain Adrian said: Dr Adrian Gibbs Principal Consultant

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