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Adria de Haume, Haume Inc.

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Adria de Haume's personal vision, coupled with grace and concern for the welfare of others, has distinguished her as an exceptional artist and founder of a unique company.
Adria has earned the respect of industry leaders and the loyalty of a rarefied clientele who cherish her and her creations. When founding Adria de Haume in 2000, Adria determined that giving would not be an afterthought, but one of the key foundations of her business. She wanted her company to stand for something significant beyond creating collectable jewelry and objects d'art. A substantial portion of the profits have been donated to worthy causes every year. To date more than 130 charities have benefited from her initial commitment ... and the list keeps growing, generating positive energy globally. ©2008 Adria de Haume LLC. Adria de Haume & logo are USA registered trademarks ®

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As an artist, Adria is most inspired by nature, the properties of light and ancient cultures; these conscious elements are reflected in her designs.
Collectors find transcendent value in her work, as all have traditional significance combined with spiritual essence. With the culmination of her dream to create extraordinary jewels that bring beauty & blessings to others, Adria de Haume personifies humanitarian devotion. Her original mission encompassed charitable giving while exclusively supporting America's finest goldsmiths. ©2008 Adria de Haume LLC. Adria de Haume & logo are USA registered trademarks ®

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