Adela Goredema

Adela Goredema

Senior Research Scientist at Xerox Corporation

45 Glover Ave, Norwalk, Connecticut, United States
HQ Phone:
(203) 968-3000

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Project Manager and Senior Scientist  - Xerox Canada Ltd.


Strategic Network Grants - Selection Committee Member  - Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

Strategic Network Grants - Selection Committee Member  - NSERC

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Adela Goredema
Adela Goredema Senior Research Scientist, Xerox Research Centre of Canada Dr. Adela Goredema plays a vital role in designing novel materials for marking applications at Xerox-inventing new ways of putting marks on paper. She has led numerous projects and delivered key Xerox materials. In 2008 Adela was executive assistant to Xerox Chief Technology Officer and President of Xerox Innovation Group (Dr. Sophie Vandebroek).

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Adela Goredema,Xerox Research Centre of Canada

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While paper usage per individual is declining in developed countries, paper usage in developing countries is on the rise due to growing economies and more people having access to computers and printers, said Adela Goredema, project leader for Reusable Paper at XRCC.
"Everyone was thinking that the office of the current millennium would be paperless, but as we know that is not the case ... We can recycle paper, but the amount of energy required to recycle is also quite significant," she said. To make one sheet of paper from virgin pulp requires about 204,000 Joules of energy, which is enough to run a 60 watt light bulb for about one hour; making one sheet of recycled paper requires about 114,000 Joules, which is enough to run the same 60 watt bulb for about 30 minutes, she pointed out.

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