Adam Farrington

Adam Farrington

Wrestling Coach at University of Southern Maine

University of Southern Maine

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Division I Boston University


Member  - Bonny Eagle High School

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They include Adam Farrington, John Tuttle, and Keith Kalman who is being inducted posthumously.
Farrington became a dominant wrestler at Bonny Eagle High School, then as his wrestling coach at the University of Southern Maine. He was dedicated, a superb wrestler and a fine leader. At Bonny Eagle, Farrington was a member of three State Championship teams, being Captain of one his senior year. "I have seldom if ever worked with someone with more dedication and firm, intense integrity, HOF coach Ted Reese said. "Adam was not a wrestler with fancy "clinic moves," Adam was deceptively skilled, honing his techniques so the details were perfect." As a senior in 1996, Adam was undefeated State Champion, was the Portland Press Herald's Most Outstanding Wrestler for all classes, and set a record by pinning 40 out of 41 opponents. The one whom he didn't pin-in the finals of the Redskin-competed just to survive without being pinned. After graduating from Bonny Eagle, he started as a freshman for Division I Boston University. Then he returned to Maine to compete at USM, where he was a National Qualifier two out of three years, missing most of his junior year with an ankle injury. As a senior he was New England Champion, selected as the Outstanding Wrestler at the Championships, and in Division III led the whole nation in pins. "He was dominant," Reese said. "His peers elected him captain of the team three years, every year he competed at USM. Now THAT is respect! In a sport that takes extreme hard work as just "normal," Adam led the team by example. Yet despite this intense work ethic, he also took time to work with those less gifted than he. Nor was it ever the "win-win" philosophy; Adam felt the commitment was more important than results. Despite his own success he would " be there" for those who lost often. He had his priorities straight. For instance, though he was genuinely proud of being selected as the Outstanding Wrestler in New England-and he was genuinely proud--, he forgot to take his Outstanding Wrestling trophy when he cleaned out his locker his senior year. When asked him about this, he stated, "Coach, the trophy is not important; the effort, the journey are far more important. Of course he is right, but how many others, who might say those words publicly, would leave the trophy behind? Adam has served in Iraq with distinction, adjusting to conditions most don't want to think about. Always a leader, He was awarded the Official Commendation for "Outstanding Service" in Iraq.

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Adam Farrington (Univ. of Southern Maine)

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Belmont got off to the ideal start 4-0 up at the turn around, with Lee Turner destroying Rileys captain, Adam Farrington.

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