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City Clerk  - deputy


Representative  - State Senate District 10

Member of the Executive Board  - NBCSL

Chairwoman  - Senate

Ranking Member  - Commissions Committee

Ranking Member  - Authorities

Member  - Borad of County Commissioners

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12 Reasons to NOT VOTE for ADA SMITH

12 Reasons to NOT VOTE for ADA SMITHAda Smith could be back in hot water over hot coffee.The latest episode of anger mismanagement for Smith, whom the Daily News dubbed "the Wild Woman of Albany" in 2003, had the Queens Democrat allegedly splashing hot coffee on a staffer who questioned her dieting success.Smith allegedly tossed her cup of coffee at Jackson and grabbed her by the hair, sources familiar with the probe said.Smith denied the accusation."The claims that have been made by a disgruntled former employee are completely and utterly false," Smith said yesterday.Jackson had worked for Smith for only about a month, making her one of more than 200 staffers who have cycled through the lawmaker's office in 17 years. Smith's hot temper has made headlines before: . In 2003, troopers cited her for gunning her car through a security checkpoint at an Albany garage, nearly mowing down a trooper who had asked for ID. . In 1998, city cops subdued Smith with Mace after she allegedly bit a police officer following a traffic incident on a Bushwick, Brooklyn, street. . Two years before that, she was accused of menacing an aide with a meat cleaver. LOAD-DATE: March 23, 2006 SHE'S HOME!POL CLEARED OF ETHICS RAP Daily News (New York) March 8, 2005 Tuesday Copyright 2005 Daily News, L.P. Daily News (New York) March 8, 2005 Tuesday SPORTS FINAL EDITION SECTION: NEWS; Pg.16 LENGTH: 285 words HEADLINE: SHE'S HOME!POL CLEARED OF ETHICS RAP BYLINE: BY JOE MAHONEY DAILY NEWS ALBANY BUREAU CHIEF BODY: ALBANY - Sen.Ada Smith (D-Queens) was cleared yesterday by the Legislative Ethics Committee of a charge that she lives outside her district.A former aide to Smith had accused her of living in the Lindsay Park homes in Williamsburg, Brooklyn - out of her district and out of her borough."He can't get a job, so he sits at home and dreams this stuff up," Smith told the Daily News.Ada Smith was convicted yesterday of blowing past a security checkpoint after cursing the state police officer who dared to try to stop her.But Smith maintained her innocence and said she would appeal."I believe in the criminal justice system," she said after the two-hour trial."The judge made a decision and I can't argue with him." Kavarovic said Smith defied his order to stop her state-owned 2001 Crown Victoria in the state-owned garage and show identification.The lawmaker presented a novel defense: Her lawyer argued that Smith was not actually in traffic, so the trooper had no jurisdiction to halt her.Duncan lectured Smith about her defiance, noting that after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attack, "There are more stringent controls being used, and I realize that as a senator you are very busy, but the fact remains that a trooper had asked for ID." Smith's past antics have included being accused of biting a cop in Brooklyn after a traffic altercation.Ada Smith was found guilty on Wednesday of failing to obey a direct order from a police officer last spring when she refused to hand over her government ID and drove through a security checkpoint at an Empire State Plaza parking garage.On the day of the incident, Smith and Butt argued, attracting the attention of State Police Trooper Michael Kovarovic, who was standing nearby.Kovarovic said Smith also refused to take her ID out and give it to him, then spewed profanities, put her car in drive and "sped" into the restricted lot, refusing his order to stop.Smith insisted she did not speed and proceeded forward because traffic was backing up behind her stopped car.She said she told the trooper she would continue their conversation at her parking space, but he never showed up. Smith questioned the veracity of the tape, saying it was "spliced" and wasn't clear enough to offer a good view of the driver's side door.In both cases, Smith denied the charges. Article 4: CAPITOL'S CHECKERED CHARACTERS; Odd and unsavory in Albany Newsday (New York) May 31, 2004 Monday Copyright 2004 Newsday, Inc.Newsday (New York) May 31, 2004 Monday ALL EDITIONS SECTION: NEWS; Pg.The extraordinary spate also includes a female senator, Ada Smith a Democrat from Queens, who is under investigation for allegedly harassing a gay aide - she denies it - as well as ongoing alarms about the extent to which Gov.Ada Smith of Queens. Article 5: Nickname possible overkill The Times Union (Albany, NY) May 10, 2004 Monday Copyright 2004 The Hearst Corporation The Times Union (Albany, NY) May 10, 2004 Monday ONE STAR EDITION SECTION: CAPITAL REGION, Pg.The call for Democratic state senators to attend an anger management class Tuesday came from one of the minority conference's most serenity-challenged members: Ada Smith of Queens.Smith, who issued the memo as conference chairwoman, was found guilty in March of failing to obey a direct order from a police officer when she refused to show ID and sped past a security checkpoint at an Empire State Plaza parking garage in 2003.The officer said Smith shouted obscenities and almost drove over his feet.In 1998, Smith was accused but never charged with biting a New York City police officer's hand during a traffic dispute.In 1996, a former legislative staffer said Smith threatened her with a knife.In both cases, Smith denied the allegation and no charges were filed.The lawmakers' ensemble known as The Budget Blues Boys plays again today for charity.Ada Smith, a Queens Democrat sometimes called the "Wild Woman of Albany," faced a criminal investigation for the second time in two years yesterday after an aide accused her of assault with a hot cup of coffee, officials said.Swoboda said no warrant had been issued to arrest Smith, who, a top Senate aide said, had fled Albany in the face of the allegations.Senate sources said Smith, 61, had what one called an "explosive confrontation" with a low-level, recently hired aide, Jennifer Jackson of Albany, a few days ago.Another Senate official said the aide had claimed Smith threatened her with bodily harm if she told anyone about the incident.Smith strongly denied the allegations."Nothing like that happened," Smith told The Post.Smith said Jackson resigned Tuesday, but she insisted the aide's departure had nothing to do with a confrontation.Smith has had repeated run-ins with the law.She was convicted in 2004 of disobeying a state trooper after she failed to stop at a security checkpoint at a parking garage near the Capitol.She was once subdued with Mace after allegedly biting a cop following a traffic altercation in Brooklyn, and she was also accused of threatening an aide with a meat cleaver.While presiding over weddings as a deputy city clerk, she was accused of assaulting a female witness with a garbage can lid and refusing to allow photos of ceremonies.Ada Smith in December after he told the Democrat he was fedup with her verbal abuse.Smith denied the allegations and said she sacked Mahlke from the $50,000-a-year post because he was disorganized, unproductive and annoyed other staffers."I wouldn't care if he was green, as long as he could do the job," said Smith, who also denied Mahlke's claim that she denounced him as "white trash.""I'm half white, so how am I going to call somebody white trash?"asked Smith.Mahlke, the openly gay vice president of the Lesbian and Gay Democratic Club of Queens, claims Smith fired him because of his sexual orientation.Smith, 59, has had a number of brushes with the law, most recently this year, when she was convicted of disobeying a state trooper after she blew past a security checkpoint set up in an Albany garage after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.Smith was subdued with Mace after she allegedly bit a cop following a traffic altercation in Brooklyn in 1998.In 1996, she was accused of threatening an aide with a meat cleaver.Over the past 16 years, Smith has had more than 200 aides come and go from her office.LOAD-DATE: May 17, 2004 Article 8: PROBERS SNIFFING AROUND STATE SENATOR'S DIGS Daily News (New York) January 4, 2005 Tuesday Copyright 2005 Daily News, L.P. Daily News (New York) January 4, 2005 Tuesday SPORTS FINAL EDITION SECTION: NEWS; Pg.30 LENGTH: 279 words HEADLINE: PROBERS SNIFFING AROUND STATE SENATOR'S DIGS BYLINE: BY JOE MAHONEY DAILY NEWS ALBANY BUREAU CHIEF BODY: ALBANY - The state Board of Elections is looking into a charge that Sen.Ada Smith (D-Queens) lives outside the district she represents, th

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New York Daily News - Home - 'Wild Woman' tales

Smith's done itAda Smith, seen in 1998 photo, has lost use of state-funded car. You think your boss is a nightmare?Try working for state Sen.Ada Smith, aka the Wild Woman of Albany.The Queens legislator has a history of bizarre, allegedly abusive behavior that dates back nearly 20 years.Just ask any of the 200-plus staffers whom Smith - who is due in Albany City Court today to face charges that she allegedly threw a cup of hot coffee in an aide's face - has hired and fired during her 17 years in the Senate.Smith."Although Senate Minority Leader David Paterson (D-Harlem), a lieutenant governor hopeful, stripped Smith this week of hertaxpayer-funded car and leadership stipend - citing her history of "derogatory and salacious remarks" - Smith has never received more than a wrist slap in Albany.Smith, who did not return calls for comment, has always denied all allegations. Over the years, Smith has been accused of throwing a trash can, a desk organizer, stacks of paper, a melted ice cream bar - whatever's handy.Smith's alleged abusive treatment extends back to when she was deputy city clerk in charge of marrying young couples in Brooklyn.One disgruntled groom filed a written complaint to then-City Clerk Carlos Cuevas describing one encounter."To be brief," the disappointed groom wrote, "Ms.Smith treated myself and others of our party so rudely - more like criminals than a marriage party - that by the time we made it downstairs, unmarried, my fiancée was reduced to tears."

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LID: Borough Politics December 27, 2004

"And, other than [State Senator] Ada Smith - who is already supporting me, who [sic] do you think I should target for an early endorsement?"
Like Senator Smith, Rodman doesn't represent any part of the congressional district or indeed even one block of Brooklyn. Moreover, his history of rebellion against authority mirrors that of Smith, who last year gunned her car through a security checkpoint at an Albany parking garage, nearly taking out a state trooper to whom she barked, "F--- you. Smith was accused of biting a police officer and had to be subdued with Mace following a traffic dispute in Bushwick. His weapon of choice was a cleaver, the same kind of knife Senator Smith once reportedly wielded at an aide who'd been talking to a relative about Smith's medication. Finally, we suggest Oscar the Grouch, who resides in a garbage can similar to the one Smith once allegedly used to assault a female witness at a wedding ceremony over which she was presiding as a deputy city clerk.

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