Aaron Barson

Aaron Barson

Medical Director at Surface Medical Spas

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6431 N Landmark Drive #A, Park City, Utah, United States
HQ Phone:
(435) 655-8900

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Air Force Colonel and Chief Medical Officer - Hill Air Force Base

Creator - Natural Lift



doctorate - Osteopathic Medicine , Utah State University

master - public health , University of Texas School of Public Health

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Cosmetic Surgery Salt Lake City | Surface Medical Spas

I have investigated SURFACE MEDICAL SPAS, and its owner Dr. Aaron Barson.
Dr. Barson and his staff explained very clearly what to expect. I am really happy I went through with the procedure." Dr. Barson told us the natural breast augmentation procedure is very different than other breast augmentations that involve silicone or saline implants. I came across Dr. Barson and his natural breast augmentation procedure. I am beyond thrilled with my results and the procedure has given me a lot of confidence." "I've studied under the best doctors around the world." Dr. Barson tells us he learned about natural breast augmentations nearly 15 years ago while attending a conference in Manhattan. "In my field, I think it's very important to learn about procedures from the people who created them. For this reason I have traveled all over the world studying underneath the doctors who invented the procedures. These doctors have spent years perfecting the procedures." "Dr. Barson and his staff are very welcoming," says patient, Emily Lewis. "We believe in treating our patients like family," says Dr. Barson. "Dr. Barson and his staff took incredible care of me. Every appointment I had was just fantastic. They staff is extremely friendly. They followed up with me after my services to make sure I was doing well. I am already looking ahead to other procedures in the future." "Making people happy is one of the best things about my job," says Dr. Barson. "I realize that SURFACE MEDICAL SPAS is not curing cancer but we're providing a service that is very important to people. People care about their self-image and the way they present themselves. We love helping achieve the appearance they want." So there you go: SURFACE MEDICAL SPAS. Now you know what I know about Dr. Aaron Barson. You know about his history and his services. You know about his staff and the way they treat their patients.

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Dr. Aaron Barson, medical director of Surface Medical Spas, says he's been doing the procedure for seven years and says that more complications arise from traditional breast implants, which the body treats as "foreign bodies."
"Anything you put in the body you'll get issues with," Barson says. Barson says that he's aware of the problem in general, but he's never heard of it being a problem with one of his clients. He says that all complications and concerns are explained to patients in detail before they sign a consent form. And despite these complications, Barson says, fat itself is not dangerous. "Fat is not cancer; there's nothing really nefarious about fat," he says. Agerwal says that there are other side effects that women should take into consideration. Liposuction presents its own host of complications, he says, and since fat transferred to the breast is fat, and not an implant, it can easily dissolve, requiring repeat procedures that make natural breast augmentation much more costly than traditional breast enhancements. Barson, however, argues that depending on how one views it, the procedure is more economical because it also includes liposuction. "It's kind of like a two-for-one," Barson says.

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Hair Removal Salt Lake City – Utah Women Are Getting The Brazilian As Fast As They Can | | Surface Medical Spas

"We haven't had a dissatisfied client yet," says Dr. Aaron Barson, Medical Director of Surface.

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