Tactical Pipeline Tips for Working from Home

  • Introduction

    Due to COVID-19, many Sales and Marketing professionals are finding themselves in unfamiliar territory. Uncertain markets, remote work, unemployment, and physical distancing are creating a new work environment that has many wondering about how they will successfully identify and nurture new business.

    In their recent report, TOPO surveyed marketing and sales professionals and identified the following as the biggest concerns/challenges:

    TOPO explores these challenges and offers tactical recommendations that organizations can use to adapt during these challenging times, while most employees are working from home.

  • Increase Outbound Prospecting

    Inbound activity is slowing down and organizations need to pivot to more of an outbound model.

    Now more than ever, it’s critical that sales and marketing teams reach out to the right person at the right time with the right message.

    1 Revisit market segments

    Some segments may be significantly more impacted by COVID-19 than others. Make sure you are prioritizing your outreach to companies that are in the position to be purchasing products or services.

    2 Evaluate intent data solutions for prioritization and timing

    Let your prospects raise their hands to tell you they’re interested.

    3 Shift SDR focus from inbound to outbound

    Shift the focus of your SDR teams to help develop new business through thoughtful, targeted prospecting.

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  • Increase Digital Marketing

    Re-focus your marketing spend to reach people where they’re spending most of their time — in front of their computers at home.

    Pivot your marketing strategy to embrace the increased digital consumption created by work-from-home offices and social distancing.

    1 Increase spend on traditional demand generation activities including advertising, search, social, webinars, and content syndication

    Many companies are finding themselves with a lot of surplus budget due to event cancellations. Put that budget to good use and reach people while they are at home!

    2 Create more high-value, digital content experiences

    Everyone is competing for attention online — if your content is fun, engaging, and personalized it will stand out!

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  • Host Virtual Events

    Adapt your events strategy to thrive in a work-from-home world.

    Just because physical events are being cancelled doesn’t mean your events strategy should be put on hold — find new ways to get people together!

    1 Host virtual events to replace postponed or cancelled owned and sponsored events

    With the right strategy and tools in place, a virtual event can be just as educational and collaborative as a live one!

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