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ZoomInfo Lite grants users limited use of our product in exchange for business data. Learn exactly which information we collect, and how we secure it.

  • What is ZoomInfo Lite?

    ZoomInfo Lite is a program that gives you free, ongoing access to ZoomInfo’s database of millions of B2B profiles, and contact information for the people you want to reach in return for sharing your business contacts with ZoomInfo. ZoomInfo Lite works with either Microsoft Outlook or Google Apps for Business. Join the ZoomInfo community today!

    Who can use ZoomInfo Lite?

    Anyone who uses a supported version of Microsoft Outlook or Google Apps for Business to send and receive business-related emails is eligible to take part in the ZoomInfo Lite program. Current or past subscribers to one of ZoomInfo’s premium services are not eligible to take part in the ZoomInfo Lite program and accounts created by such users will be deactivated. In addition, ZoomInfo only allows three employees of a single company to access the ZoomInfo Database with ZoomInfo Lite.

    If you are an Outlook user, you must successfully install the ZoomInfo Contact Contributor software and start sharing contacts before you can access ZoomInfo Lite. If you are a Google Apps for Business user, you must provide ZoomInfo with access to your email account before you can access ZoomInfo Lite. Your username will be deactivated if you uninstall the software, revoke access to your email account, or violate the ZoomInfo terms of service.

    Sales people and recruiters find the ability to search for professionals by name and/or job title and/or company to be most useful. Jobseekers can also make use of ZoomInfo Lite to find contacts within companies and industries where they would like to find a position.

    How will ZoomInfo Lite help me get business done faster?

    ZoomInfo Lite members can search the entire ZoomInfo Database, which includes over 10 million businesses (from start-ups to the largest organizations in the world) and 125 million business professionals. You can also access contact information for a certain number of contacts each month. Every day, ZoomInfo adds 2,000 businesses and 30,000 employees and updates 20,000 businesses and 300,000 employees.

    What if I have more questions?

    Just shoot an email to zoominfohelp@zoominfo.com. We’ll get back to you within one business day!

  • What is the ZoomInfo Contact Contributor, and what are its system requirements?

    Contact Contributor is a lightweight software application for Microsoft Outlook or Google Apps for Business that ZoomInfo Lite users install to facilitate the submission of business contacts to ZoomInfo. This software works with Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016 on a system running Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP or Windows Vista. Sorry, but Outlook 64-bit, Outlook Express, Outlook Web App and Mac computers are not currently supported. Click here for more information about sharing your business contacts through Google Apps for Business.

    If you do not use a supported operating system or Google Apps for Business, you can still get access to ZoomInfo! Consider a subscription that fits your business needs.

  • What info does Contact Contributor submit?

    Contact Contributor shares only business contact information, essentially the information a person would normally include on a business card or a resume: Name, Company, Title, Email Address, and Phone Number.  Personal email address (such as those from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) are filtered out. Contact Contributor operates locally, and only business contact information is shared with ZoomInfo. The body of your email is never seen by ZoomInfo; in fact, it never leaves your email.

  • Will my contacts know ZoomInfo received their info from me?

    Information shared via the Contact Contributor is completely anonymous as to the source. Additionally, we send an email notification directly to each contact as they are added to our product and inform them of their ability to opt out of our database.

  • Isn't sharing contacts a privacy violation?

    ZoomInfo takes privacy very seriously, which is why we provide notifications to each new contact that we gather for our database. We have also created an automated self-service privacy center so that anyone can opt out of our database at any time, regardless of region. Meanwhile, we do not collect any sensitive personal information from ZoomInfo Lite users; simply business contact information of the type that hundreds of millions of business professionals share every day, online, on their business cards, resumes, and otherwise.

  • Can I pick the contacts I want to share?

    No. When you take part in the ZoomInfo Lite program, you agree to share all of the business contacts in your email database, including names and email addresses found in email headers and job titles, company names, phone numbers, and locations found in email signatures. Personal contacts that are connected with ISPs and free email accounts will be ignored by our system. If you would like to access the ZoomInfo Database without sharing your business contacts, consider a subscription to one of the packages on the ZoomInfo platform.

  • Does Contact Contributor read my email messages?

    Absolutely not. Contact Contributor operates locally on your email client and looks only at address book entries, email headers, and email signatures to capture basic business contact information. All other information is excluded.

  • Why is ZoomInfo offering free access?

    We are on a mission to map the business landscape in near real time, and dramatically improve the quality of B2B information. In return for your help, you are given free access to ZoomInfo Lite as long as you allow ZoomInfo to access your email account and continue contributing business contacts. Join the ZoomInfo Community today.

  • How much does ZoomInfo Lite cost?

    ZoomInfo Lite is absolutely free. Really! As long as you are sending and receiving business emails through a supported version of Microsoft Outlook or Google Apps for Business and contributing your contacts with ZoomInfo, you can access the ZoomInfo Database and the industry’s most powerful search tools for free. How’s that for a great exchange?

  • Does Contact Contributor modify my address book?

    No. The ZoomInfo Contact Contributor creates and uses its own data structure and does not modify any of your information.

  • Can I get free access if I'm already a ZoomInfo subscriber?

    We’re sorry, but ZoomInfo Lite is only available to people who are not current or past ZoomInfo subscribers.

  • How do I sign in to ZoomInfo Lite?

    We’ll send your ZoomInfo Lite username and password via email after you successfully provide access to your email account and start sharing your business contacts. Your login details will be sent to the email address connected with Outlook or Google Apps for Business where you have given ZoomInfo access to your email account. Once you have your username and password, login here.

  • How do I unsubscribe from ZoomInfo Lite?

    If you have granted ZoomInfo access to your Google Apps account in order to participate in the ZoomInfo Lite, you can choose to deactivate your community membership by revoking access in the settings of your Google account. To do this, follow the instructions on the Google Accounts help section here.

  • How do I uninstall Contact Contributor?

    You can access the uninstaller program by going to Start > Programs > ZoomInfo Contact Contributor > Uninstall. But why would you want to lose all the great benefits of ZoomInfo Lite?

    What happens when I uninstall Contact Contributor?

    When you uninstall the ZoomInfo Contact Contributor, you will be immediately unsubscribed from and lose access to ZoomInfo Lite. ZoomInfo will no longer have access to information about your business contacts once you uninstall the ZoomInfo Contact Contributor. However, you are not able to ‘unshare’ the information you had already shared up to that point, and ZoomInfo will retain that previously shared information.

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