Is ZoomInfo Worth It?

  • Whenever making an investment in a product like Zoominfo, it’s natural for business leaders and procurement professionals to ask whether or not the cost is worth the value? ZoomInfo has a proven track record of helping our customers reach their most important goal: profitable growth to the bottom line.

    Actionable data and automation available within ZoomInfo unlocks the power of go-to-market efforts with the ability to deliver the right message, at the right time, to the perfect prospect.

    Need examples? Check out our case study featuring Instapage, a software company that increased year-over-year bookings by 192% after implementing ZoomInfo. Meanwhile, Clum Creative realized a 10x Return On Investment (ROI) with ZoomInfo and achieved a 104% increase in appointments set and a 60% increase in leads.

    From enterprise organizations to rapidly growing start-ups and SMBs, over 20,000 customers rely on ZoomInfo to identify, connect with, and engage buyers within their Total Addressable Market (TAM). Just ask Managing Director of Deal IQ, Aaron Kotick. After adopting ZoomInfo, his team realized an increase of over 1900% (!) in annual revenue.  “This is how a start-up hyper-accelerates,” Kotick explained. “We went from being a firm no one knew about to working with the largest companies in the world – all because we found them in ZoomInfo.”

    Success stories like the ones above are the reason ZoomInfo earned top rankings in 19 categories in the Fall 2020 reports from G2, a user reviews publication, even garnering a track record of superlative solutions that deliver ease-of-use, results and ROI across all company segments.

    ZoomInfo provides value across every stage of the customer lifecycle

    As the need for accurate B2B intelligence and contact data continues to grow exponentially, the applicable use cases for ZoomInfo expand, and its solution becomes even more valuable to high-growth organizations. As such, ZoomInfo’s customer success stories constantly reveal how companies use it to go-to-market more efficiently and effectively:

    ZoomInfo can scale, even as businesses transform, helping put data at the core of productivity, innovation, and growth. For instance, after going through a number of acquisitions and mergers, Databank IMX used ZoomInfo to consolidate five legacy databases from various subsidiaries into one single source of truth.

    In case you’re still wondering, “why ZoomInfo?” See for yourself. Learn more about us, or sign up for a free trial today.

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